Accessibility Minutes 2009 11 04

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  • Nathan Jacobiak (ParaSoft)
  • Michael Squillace (IBM - chair)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • David Todd (IBM)
  • Shawn Lauriat (IBM)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM - co-chair)
  • Brenda Hagler (IBM)
  • Sueann Nichols (IBM)
  • Vio Onut (IBM)
  • Sandy Foltz (University of Illinois)


Mike: CSUN proposal was submitted. Note was sent to team.

Mike: Track changes was on but Mike can't accept/reject changes via keyboard. Mike/Rich fixed and submitted paper.

Mike: will hear by nov. 16 if paper is accepted.

Mike: Transform rule ids to more generic form.

Mike: to reflect rule logic is generic.

Mike: this task is assigned to Sandy

Mike: New attr. call dependencies

Mike: Dependencies must be met in order to execute a rule.

Mike: Dependencies prevent false positives and improves performance

Mike: also added an criteria description attribute

we have nls directory

Mike: Constants that are checklist dependent and language dependent. For example min/max of text attributes.




Mike: Mike added default filename for constants file.

Mike: Constants need to be read by tools without hard coding them in the tools themselves.



Mike/Rich: Discussion of directory structure/naming of constants files

Rich: Can structure accommodate other requirements beyond WCAG?

Mike: Yes


Nathan: Can we separate script from simple constants?

Mike: Constants files aren't meant to contain logic.

Vio: How to support different lang for different pages on a site?

Vio: pages can specify lang but most pages don't have this attribute.

Issues: how to handle different versions of pages based on language and how to handle mixed language pages?

Vio/Mike: Meta data may be associated with a constant.

Vio: Users may want to modify constants.

Vio/Mike: Which rule the constant applies to is important.

Meta data: name of constant, value, which rule applies to

Mike: constants are numbers or strings. Some may be bool.

context : "img"

Mike: Next topic: Context

context : "img[@role=='presentation']"

Any img with role of presentation.

context : "!img"

Any element that's not an img

context : "img[@!title]"

any img that does not have a tilte attr.

context : "!input | !select | !button"

Rich: What about scope rules?

Mike: Haven't gotten that far yet.

Rich: We should check for scope

Mike: has been research patterns

context : "event.DOMNodeInserted | div"

look at div elements when there's a DOM insert event

context : "event.onfocus | *[@aria-enable]"

check all elements form the event source downward for aria-enabled

Mike: These are rough ideas that Mike has.

Mike: Still picking low hanging fruit. Haven't addressed scope yet.

Sandy: Rule/id rule transformation -> use id

Hoops, Sandy is using label.

Mike: Would you mind using id?

Mike: How to categorize rules? Mike didn't want to put all the rules in one file.

Mike: 2 apps built on top of rules engine.

New ooa app. is used for testing.

Mike: Sandy are you ok with dependencies attribute? Sandy, I'll need to see it.

Mike: Do we need a trigger once property?

Vio: Do we have examples? Per page or per rule?

Vio: Not hard to implement.

Mike: Seems like all errors should be shown.

Others: agree

Next item: violation levels

Mike remove section on rule ids on the Wiki.

Mike: Tool should say N/A when a rule isn't applicable.

Vio: Amount of data becomes large when n/a or pass status is reported.

Shawn: thinks access to pass and n/a data is available.

Vio: Leave it up to the tool configuration.

Mike/Vio: Logic becomes more complex

Team: Don't worry with pass and n/a levels now.

Mike: next topic: reporting

Things to consider: batch reports vs. interactive reports

I have to drop (back to back meetings)

Rich: How to identify where error is?

Shawn: Xpath could be used to identify where error occurred

Mike: May have to put in information to show how a particular state is created

Rich: is there any way to make RDF more consumable?

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