Accessibility Minutes 2009 10 14

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  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)
  • Nathan Jacobiak (ParaSoft)
  • Michael Squillace (IBM - chair)
  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • David Todd (IBM)
  • Shawn Lauriat (IBM)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM - co-chair)


slauriat: I have access to the mailing list and I have been looking at the wiki MS: I have been updating the rules and the introduction section

MS: We want the rule sets to do more than just accessibility

MS: That seems to be the consensus of the group

MS: We are not writing a standard, vendors may use different language for severity codes

MS: Vendors can map the language to their own products, but we want to use the same logic

MS: The grade of the failure of the rule, the need for a developer to fix

MS: Added the concept of rule contexts

MS: We are concerned that rules be applied only when in certain contexts for improved performance

MS: Sandy and I have been discussing this and I have updated the wiki to kind of clarify the issues

MS: The code repository has been updated, I hope everyone has access to the repository and you should be able to checkout content without a password

MS: Password is needed for checking in code

MS: There is some initialization code for running the rule sets, sandy is creating additional rules, but has not yet committed

MS: We are workign on layout table rules

MS: I renamed the JSON file and we are using the ARIA name space

RS: Has david bolter removed those?

MS: I beleive sandy talked to DB about that and there were a few bugs

RS: We are hoping to have a new last call by the end of this month

MS: Notify us when that happens so we can update the file

RS: Should we be working on HTML 5?

JG: It there is AT support

RS: I think we need to look at the issue in the first quarter of next year

RS: What about you Nathan?

Nathan: We have not had people talking about these items yet, it might be too early

DB: Do you have any time line when front line development teams will start looking at HTML 5

RS: Browsers will not implement all HTML 5, drag and drop my be implemented first

RS: It is a big spec and canvas is still a big problem

RS: I think you will see piece meal support

JG: There is also the problem of legacy browser support for HTML5

RS: I think maybe the 3rd quarter of next year IBM might start looking at it

MS: I did make some changes to the RDefinitions file

MS: I tried to be browser neutral

MS: Openajaxa11y I decided to use, but I am open to other suggestions by the group

MS: In the e-mail I attached a rework in sandy's code

MS: I will have the image rules by next week and looking at title

RS: I have not at Sandy code, does it include ARIA tests and context testing

MS: ANything implied by the ARIA design patterns and she is trapping focus events, but she is not looking at context right now

MS: The new code I am working on will fix that

JG: One of the issues is browser dependencies like XPath support

MS_: img[@role=='presentation']

MS: It looks like XPath but it is not really, you could use JQUERY, XPath or other tools

MS: This is one way to identify where a rule applies

MS: I am using a DOM selector

MS: Try to make it as generic as possible

MS_: OpenAjax.a11y.addRules([

MS_: {

MS_: id : "111.V01",

MS_: label : "imgAltAttrMissing",

MS: One big outstanding question

MS_: context : "img[@role != 'presentation']",

MS_: validate : function (ruleContext) {

MS_: var passed = (ruleContext.clientWidth <= __min_decorative_width__ && ruleContext.clientHeight <= __min_decorative_height__) || ruleContext.hasAttribute("alt");

MS_: return new OpenAjax.a11y.ValidationResult(passed, [ruleContext]);

MS_: }

MS_: },

JonG: We know based on the checklist, we know that these values might change

MS: How do we deinfe these in a neutral way that takes into account language

MS: We do not want to hard code these values in the rules

Nathan: Can we define a separate file?

MS: We could have another file, but that separates them from the rule set or the native language

MS: If we look at sandys code uses different values than what we use at IBM

MS: Maybe put it in a directory tha is defined for language

Nathan: Maybe we have defaults and these can be overridden, we can have a setting that states what language we ae running in

RS: Language switching?

MS: That is one of the problems, within a rule or page?

RS: I am not sure what the impact is

RS: WCAG 2.0 requires the lang attribute

Nathan: You are accessing the local variables, you could use a function so the values chould change dynamically

MS: You would call a function based on a keycode?

Narthan: You could just a have a function called MinDefWidth and ...

MS: That would allow more flexibility and extensibility

Nathan: It might be easier to pass a key and you don't have to have a function, then you only need a mechanism that looks up keys

MS: Thats a good idea and I will look in to that

MS: TOPIC: CSUN Presentation

MS: I hope everybody has seen it

RS: We will say something about UI will demonstrate

RS: Nathan do you want to particpate in?

Nathan: I will need to check, I am not very familiar with it

RS: It is largest disability conference on technology, in San Diego,


RS: we will be discussing the working group activities and the new rules

RS: We could have some time to talk baout your products

RS: WCAG 2.0 came out so people are interested in knowing how this will help people

RS: testing for WCAG 20 requirements

RS: The presentations will focus on helping people to evaluate WCAG 2.0 requirements

Nathan: WHo comes

RS: Apple, Oracel, AT Vendors, Accessibility experts, government agencies

Nathan: We would just have a small part of the presentation?

RS: This not just an IBM presentations

Nathan: I will talk our organization

Nathan: I can get bak to you by tomorrow

JG: The conference is a good place to learn about technology and disability

RS: Many companies make big announcements there

RS: The Section 508 refresh will focus on testing and AT compatibility

MS: I need to make some changes, I will wait until tomorrow to submit the proposal, it will be a 60 minute presentation

RS: It doesn't look like Nathan wants to be an author

RS: Each speaker has to pay a speaker fee

MS: I will let everyone know when that will be submitted

MS: If there are other folks who have different perspectives like IDE developers and Content Management Systems to get involved

RS: IE8 does not seem to support XPath, I will check with Microsoft on heir plans

RS: IE will support it at some time

MS: Anything else?

MS: Regular time next week

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