Accessibility Minutes 2009 08 12

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  • Anne Abbott (IBM)
  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM - chair)
  • David Todd (IBM)
  • Sandy Foltz (University of Illinois)


Rich & Sandy: discussed rule set bugs re: grid cells and row headers

Rich: is setting up a code repository at SourceForge

Sandy: I am is doing static testing of rule set.

Rich: ensure containment hierarchy is tested 3up and 3down

Reporting best practices


Rich: need Tool Vendor participation on this

Jon:For Firebug wants node level, onDemand report, archive reports and create meta report to show patterns of markup that fail.

Jon: form labels - are they unique and do they make sense and how to show/report

Rich: Validation rules: /member/wiki/Accessibility_-_WCAG20_Validation_Rules

Rich: /member/wiki/Accessibility-Reorganization

Rich: need to add requirement for lable uniqueness for WCAG 2.4.6

Jon: will update /member/wiki/Accessibility_-_WCAG20_Validation_Rules for label uniqueness

Ann: Accessibility-Reorganization page has been replace by WCAG20_Validation_Rules page

Jon: goal is provide more detail for Reporting

Jon: would map to more detailed compliance reporting

Ann: currently if WebKing finds no errors, the report isn't created (blank frame)

Rich: onfocus change should be included

Jon: performance hit using JQuery rules

Rich: could limit reporting of onfocus changes by checking structural and ARIA

annabbott: David Todd is also on call

David: could offer config options

Jon: added to 2.4.6 that heading should also be unique at same level

Rich: activedescendent will be issue with Canvas

Rich: analyze live region when it changes?

Jon: if marked as live region, could test to see if DOM changes, but would be processing-intensive. Main goal should be to determine whether portion of page that changes is marked as live region.

Rich: should automatically check updated content of live regions

Jon: not sure if notification of mutation is possible so wouldn't know to check

Jon: note that there are browser dependencies on when focus changes

Rich: want author to be able to specify what is being tested (like a test case #) and annotate report with that info

Jon: like labeling reporting snapshots

Ann: WebKing currently provides code line numbers

Jon: doesn't help when testing scripting

Jon: possibility to create meta tags for tracing errors reported, like print statements for debugging code

Rich: three test scenarios: Web crawling, IDE debugging and actual Functional Verification test

Rich: approach for reporting should be specific to each test scenario

Rich: rules triggered may be specific to each test scenario also

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