Accessibility Minutes 2009 07 29

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  • Anne Abbott (IBM)
  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM - chair)
  • Michael Squillace (IBM)
  • David Todd (IBM)


Rich: Posted JSON file with rules.

Rich: Tool will need to walk tree and look for container node listed in JSON file.

Rich: If there's menu for example, better have at least one menu item.

JSON file expresses rule design patterns

Group discussing patterns

Rich and Mike developed the JSON rules.

Rich: Each role has a specified collection of containers that it has to be contained in.

Rich: global properties, required properties and required children are listed in file

Rich: Developer'ss javascript references the JSON file.

Mike: why is "option" not an abstract role?

Rich: specification isn't correct. This is where the confusion is coming from.

Mike: should spec. say option is an abstract role?

Rich: No, option is used in a listbox.

Rich: will change ARIA spec. for option role.

Rich: will address option role in spec. to minimize confusion.

Rich: do we want to have type validation?

Rich to Jon: will that be a good thing to do?

Jon: yes

Jon: do we need event handler and tabindex in the JSON.

Rich: Grids and trees, for example, should have keyboard handlers. Do we want to include in JSON file?

Jon: other design patterns (other than ARIA) will also be important.

Jon: discussion of design patterns as they relate to even handlers. Jon is using jquery.

Jon: jquery code is easier to understand.

Jon: is there a need to support IE7 and less?

Rich: yes

action item: create data types and the values that the data types can have

Mike: will create data types and the values that the data types can have

action item: aria-labellby should be on ARIA landmarks.

Jon: use aria-labellby to make link context more specific. Related with WCAG 2.4.4.

Jon: will look at link context issue further.

Rich: not going to put labels on all labels.

Oops: Rich: not going to put labels on all landmarks.

Rich: not going to put a label on a banner landmark.

Rich: Radio groups should have a label

Rich: Don't need a label on search landmark.

Mike: Some elements have implicit property values.

Rich: don't need to specify these if not needed.

Mike: Processing engine - still working out the design.

Mike: Moving to JSON/JavaScript

Mike: still investigating direction for implementation.

Mike: making good progress on actual rules.

Jon: Look at jquery for writing the rules

Jon: jquery supports all the latest browsers

Jon: develop a standard for the rules.

Jon: discuss jquery rules on next weeks call

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