Accessibility Minutes 2009 06 24

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  • Nathan Jakubiak (ParaSoft)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM - chair)
  • Anne Abbott (IBM)
  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)
  • David Todd (IBM)



JG: Navigation bar example:

JG: Another example:

JG: Navigation bar example:

JG: Another example:

RS: Page we are working on: /member/wiki/Accessibility-Reorganization

JG: Section 1.2

JG: There is no standard way to check audio or video

JG: There could be a way to use aria to mark transcripts or have information about captions

RS: We had some items for audio and video pre-recorded

RS: If there is a transcription, use aria-describedby

JG: Flash is a problem, since it is hard to tell what it is, may not be a video

JG: I think all objects should have a describedby

RS: Should there be a label

JG: I think we need a convention using describedby to indicate open or closed captions

RS: /member/wiki/Accessibility-Reorganization#Principle_1:_Perceivable_-_Information_and_user_interface_components_must_be_presentable_to_users_in_ways_they_can_perceive

RS: The describedby content must have alabel

JG: The label could be "transcript", "Open caption", or "closed caption"

RS: If it is a caption, will it be live?

JG: I have not seen anyone implement captions as DHTML

RS: I am updating the rule

JG: We need to get these back to WCAG for their approval

RS: Yes

RS: If you have a caption should be live region

JG: I have not seen DHTML for captions

RS: Caption First creates a caption using DHTML

RS: They should use log

JG: That would be great

JG: If captions are rendered using DHTML then authors need to use log, this is often the case for live captioning over the web

JG: RS: The alternative text must aria-labeledby relationship

RS: A role=log or live=true

RS: Updating the rules

RS: Next one is "[121.PV01] a video file is present and an alternative format cannot be determined"

RS: It is hard to know what a media object is, there are soem exceptions like MP3, this affects which checkpoint applies

JG: What is a media alternative

JG: WCAG examples are mostly for SMIL, SMIL is not used much in practice

JG: People could use describedby, but that is not really an alterantive

RS: Do they have any techniques of alternative examples

RS: No examples

JG: In practice people use K3000 or textHelp

RS: I know where we had this at IBM, a transcoder for seniors

RS: There is the easy web browser, they would include audio with the text

RS: They are assistive technology, I don't know if we need a test

RS: They need some type of relationship

JG: I think the link or the label whould describe the relationship

JG: On the audio object you link to the transcript, like RS said earlier

RS: if you show the transcript relationship you are done, or a media relationship

RS: We have one test for the the audio or video must have a relationship with the markup

RS: We need to know if a transcript, open or closed caption

RS: Or a media alternative

RS: It looks like the first one is a transcript

Nathan: We flag them for manual checks, we look at file extension or MIME/TYPE

RS: Updating the text...

RS: The whole section will be one set of test, and the error is base on media

RS: I will try to move some of the stuff

JG: I will try to move forms

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