Accessibility Minutes 2009 05 06

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  • Ann Abbott (IBM)
  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)
  • Nathan Jakubiak (ParaSoft)
  • Vio Onut (IBM)
  • Tony Salcedo (ParaSoft)
  • Derk Stegemann (FIT)
  • David Todd (IBM)


Titling Rules

Jon: Starting with Titling rules.

Jon having trouble getting into IRC.

Jon: When web page doesn't have a title element generate a violation.

Jon: Title element must contain content.

Jon: What is valid content?

Jon: Title must contain at lease one non-space character.

Jon: Title should contain at lease one word or maybe two or three words.

Vio: what about Chinese characters?

Jon: Apply conditions depending on language?

Jon: Title of a web page should contain the web site name and where am I in the Web site.

Jon: Can never have a perfect automatic title test.

Jon: H1 heading are used to title pages.

Jon: H1 element just specifics what sub-page you are on.

Jon: A page must contain at least one H1. If more than one a warning is generated.

Vio: Has the same rule for title. If h1 is found more than once a violation is generated.

Jon: The Web developers Jon has worked with like this type of guidance.

Nathan: Maybe use of h1 should be a best practice.

Ann: is looking at 2.4.6 - descriptive headings

Jon: WCAG isn't clear on use of headings.

Tony: headings 2.4.6 addresses headings.

Tony: 2.4.6 seems to recommend use of h1 and h2 headings.

Ann: 2.4.6, 3rd bullet, headings must be in context.

Jon: Missing h1 headings are warnings. Empty titles are violations.

Jon: Can ARIA label be used instead of html heading markup.

David: In general, best practice is to use html and fall back to ARIA when html can't be used to specify role and state.

Jon: Generate a violation when a page doesn't not contain a tile element and the title does not have content.

Jon: Generate a warning h1 element is missing. Generate a warning when the h1 text is not contained in the title.

Jon: Everyone agrees that title contains Web site and sub-page information.

Jon: No further comments from the group about titling.

Jon: Moving on to titling frames.

Tony: WCAG points addresses title for frames and iframes.

Tony: H64 addresses titling frames.

Jon: Not excited about checking for titles in frames. Frame titles are a poor navigation technique.

Jon: Headers and other landmarks are much better.

Jon: is ok with developing a rule for frame titles.

Jon: must leave meeting a little earlier today.

Pick up next week with Link Rules.

Action Items

No action items for this meeting.

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