Accessibility Minutes 2009 02 25

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  • Jon Ferriaolo (IBM) - OAA Director
  • Jon Gunderson (University of Illinois)
  • Ken Jacobi (IBM-Rational/Watchfire)
  • Nathan Jakubiak (ParaSoft)
  • Vio Onut (IBM)
  • Rich Schwerdtfeger (IBM - chair)
  • Derk Stegemann (FIT)
  • Michael Squillace (IBM)
  • David Todd (IBM)


Topic: requirements

RS: moving through requirements

RS: expressing rules in JavaScript

RS: first need to match against diesign patterns (e.g. that widget with role menuitem has parent menu)

RS: check structure first, then states and properties

GROUP: Consensus

RS: identify unmarked live regions such - perceivable HTML divs with class informaton but no roles

RS: suppose divs in a portal with class for styling (possibly iframes as well)

MS: yes

GROUP: unanimous agreement

RS: for navigation (or those links that lok to be nav links), fire at least a warning if no nav landmark

RS: testing for search field as such would be difficult

ACTION: David Todd to look into how might be tested

RS: other types of landmarks for which we can test?

RS: validate WAI-ARIA states and properties against WAI-ARIA roles

RS: propose addition of global properties verification

RS: some sort of sanity check on use of global properties (eg aria-required does not appear on headers)

RS: unknown role or unknown host language element flagged as error

RS: determination of accessible name based on role

ACTION: update wiki with teleconference information

ACTION: David Todd to add link for namefrom calculation, pointing to w3c ARIA site

RS: check WAI-ARIA states are applied to traditional form elements (Compare against existence of * for required form elements where aria-required is absent)

RS: identify content, such as tables used for formatting, that should be marked with role=presentation

MS: is testable given a heuristic for determining layout v. data table

RS: probably just a warning since not full-proof

RS: validate use of aria-hidden

RS: compares use of that property to CSS styling

ACTION: David Todd Investigate WCAG 2 for additional rules we might need to validate dynamically vs. statically

Jon Gunderson and Nathan joined the meeting

Topic Requirements Keyboard

Jon: Firefox allows enumeration of keyboard handlers

Jon: We should have a rule that ensures navigational landmarks, other than role="application," have a tabindex="0"

RS: Agreed, at least we will know that someone has tried to make them keyboard accessible

Jon: We should have a rule that tests to ensure keyboard handlers are on ARIA-enabled widgets

Outstanding Action Items

  • Preety to come back with thoughts on testing keyboard accessibility
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