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This wiki page holds draft text for an announcement about our two new white papers

OpenAjax Alliance white papers on Mobile Ajax and recent browser advances

The OpenAjax Alliance has recently published two new white papers, one on Mobile Ajax and one on recent browser advances.

The first white paper, Introduction to Mobile Ajax for Developers, provides an overview of Ajax application development for mobile devices. The white paper was the collaborative effort among several leading companies in the mobile industry within the OpenAjax Alliance's Mobile Task Force. The target audience for the white paper is both the Ajax desktop developer who wants to also support mobile phones and the existing mobile developer who is interested in moving towards Ajax for future application development. The white paper characterizes the state of Mobile Ajax today, identifies the key challenges, and highlights the unique opportunities for innovative new applications offered by today's mobile devices (e.g., telephony, location, camera, SMS). The white paper provides a comprehensive list of developer tips for addessing the challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities.

The second white paper, Good News for Ajax - The Browser Wars Are Back, highlights the major changes in the browser world that are manifesting themselves in this year's browser releases (i.e., IE8, Firefox3, Safari 3.1, Opera 9.x). The white paper describes how the Open Web, after years of slow advancement, is now adding key features at a rapid rate. The white paper highlights the importance of the new Mobile Web, where desktop Web browser software is appearing on mobile platforms from leading mobile vendors, with shipping products or announcements already from Apple, Google (Android), Microsoft, and Nokia. The long-term result of today's healthy, fast-paced competition among the browser vendors will be better cross-browser interoperability, improved performance, and major new opportunities to developers for innovation.

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