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Guidelines for OpenAjax Alliance Logos & Trademarks

22nd January, 2007


This document outlines the policy and guidelines of the OpenAjax Alliance for its trademarks and logos.

Our goals in establishing these guidelines are pretty simple:

Proper Usage of "OpenAjax Alliance" trademark

  1. You may not incorporate the OpenAjax Alliance trademark into the name of your company or software product name. If you have a software product that works with OpenAjax Alliance technologies, it is suggested you use terms such as ‘conformant with the OpenAjax Hub Version <n.m> Specification’

  2. It is acceptable to include the OpenAjax Alliance trademark in the name of a publication, domain name or book. However you must ensure that a) the appropriate TM symbol is associated with the OpenAjax Alliance reference and appropriate attribution as discussed below, b) OpenAjax or OpenAjax Alliance is not concatenated with another word, ex. OpenAjaxBoard, and c) the usage does not imply or make the user believe that the publication, domain name or book is supported or authorized by the OpenAjax Alliance.

  3. OpenAjax Alliance should always be capitalized and separated by spaces exactly as shown at the beginning of this sentence (i.e., it is OpenAjax Alliance, not Open AJAX Alliance or other variation).

Proper Usage of "OpenAjax Alliance Member" Logo

The OpenAjax Alliance Member logo is to identify those organizations and individuals that are official Members of the OpenAjax Alliance. Only official Members of the OpenAjax Alliance, as defined by the OpenAjax Alliance Members Agreement, are authorized to use this logo.

General Usage of Logos

  1. Derivative works of the OpenAjax Alliance and OpenAjax Alliance Member logo are not allowed.

  2. The OpenAjax Alliance logos and production specification can be requested by sending email to stating the nature of the requested usage.

  3. Official logos can be found at the following locations:

Proper Notice and Attribution

The appropriate trademark symbol (i.e. TM) should appear at least with the first use of the OpenAjax Alliance trademarks and all occurrence of the OpenAjax Alliance logo.

When you use an OpenAjax Alliance trademark or logo you should include a statement attributing the trademark to the OpenAjax Alliance, Inc. For example, ‘the OpenAjax Alliance Member logo is a trademark of OpenAjax Alliance.’