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From:   Jon Ferraiolo/Menlo Park/IBM at IBMUS
To:     steeringcommittee at openajax.org, 
Date:   10/05/2012 12:58 PM
Subject:        [OpenAjaxSteeringCommittee] Proposal to terminate formal 
operations      at OpenAjax Alliance
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Please reply +1 if you agree with the proposal below to terminate formal 
operations at OpenAjax Alliance.

Dear OpenAjax Alliance Steering Committee,

David Boloker and I have concluded that it is time to terminate formal 
operations at OpenAjax Alliance, instead of going through another annual 
Steering Committee election.

Only one active committee: Accessibility (currently unchartered)
We currently have only active committee, the Accessibility committee [1]. 
That committee was chartered as a Working Group from November 2010 to June 
2011 [2]. During this chartered period, they completed the Accessibility 
Rules Format 1.0 Specification [3] and this specification was formally 
approved as an OpenAjax Alliance Specification by the members and Steering 
Committee in May 2011 (within the chartering period).

The committee has continued to meet and work on next versions of 
specifications and open source without formally renewing the Working 
Group. There are currently six people from two organizations actively 
working on specifications and technologies:
* IBM (Ann Abbott, Marc Johlic and Richard Schwerdtfeger)
* University of Illinois (Jon Gunderson, Prasanna Bale, Nicholas Hoyt)

(Earlier in 2012, there were also contributions from Philip Ackermann from 
the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology, but he is no 
longer active in the commmittee.)

Exact words from OpenAjax Alliance Members Agreement about terminating 
The OpenAjax Alliance Members Agreement [4] has this section in it about 

5.2 Termination. This Agreement as a whole may be terminated at any time 
either prior to or after adoption of any Material if such termination is 
approved by a three-fourths vote of the Steering Committee and a 
two-thirds vote of all of the Members. Such termination will not be 
effective until a notice of termination is sent by the Steering Committee 
to all of the Members ...

Note: All historical work (and IPR agreements thereon) are still binding
The OpenAjax Alliance Members Agreement [4] states that, upon termination, 
all prior work done by OpenAjax and all IPR agreements around that work 
continue to be binding.

5.4 Survival. In the event of termination or withdrawal, the following 
shall survive and remain in effect: section 1 (Definitions), section 3.4 
(IPR Policy), section 3.5 (Disclaimer of Liabilities), section 4.5 
(Distribution and Modification of Specifications), and section 6 
(General). All intellectual property grants and covenants made by or to a 
Member survive termination or withdrawal of that Member's Members 

Proposal for how to terminate operations
The OpenAjax Alliance Members Agreement [4] does not provide a detailed 
set of procedures for how to terminate operations,. Given all of the 
transitions in industry since OAA was founded in 2006, it is likely that a 
significant percentage of the member organizations will not be reachable 
via the email addresses that are in the OpenAjax Alliance member database. 
Therefore, it is not feasible to successfully achieve a vote of two-thirds 
of all Members who are currently listed in the OpenAjax Alliance member 

Instead, the proposal for how to terminate operations:

* The Steering Committee votes on terminating formal operations simply by 
replying to this email (1 week for responses)
* Once the Steering Committee votes are in, then I will send an 
announcement to all OpenAjax Alliance participants about the proposal to 
terminate operations, with a hyperlink to a web form where the members can 
vote yes or no on the proposal. (1 week to vote)
* After the member voting period is complete, then I will send a summary 
of the votes to the Steering Committee, requesting final approval to 
formally terminate operations
* After the final approval, I would send a second email announcement to 
the members saying that formal operations have been terminated

What happens after termination?
For the foreseeable future:
* IBM will continue to pay the hosting fees for the OpenAjax Alliance web 
site and will continue to perform sysadmin on the site
* We will keep the wiki and mail lists open to anyone who has previously 
signed the OAA members agreement, mostly so that the Accessibility 
committee can continue operations
* The Accessibility committee can continue to use the OpenAjax Alliance 
web site for as long as they want. Ultimately, they will have to decide 
whether they want to go to a different organization to achieve formal 
status, or continue to work using OpenAjax Alliance web site services in 
an informal and unchartered state.

Jon Ferraiolo, IBM

[1] http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/Accessibility
[2] http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/Accessibility_Charter
[3] http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/Accessibility_Rules_Format_1.0

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