[OpenAjaxSteeringCommittee] Please vote to approve Fraunhofer FIT and Deque as new members

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Wed Mar 4 15:13:11 PST 2009

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Jon Ferraiolo/Menlo Park/IBM at IBMUS
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03/04/2009 04:31 PM
[OpenAjaxSteeringCommittee] Please vote to approve Fraunhofer FIT and 
Deque as new members

Please reply +1 to approve Fraunhofer FIT and Deque as new members of 
OpenAjax Alliance.

The following two organizations have submitted their paperwork and want to 
join OpenAjax Alliance so that they can participate in our new 
Accessibility Task Force:

Fraunhofer FIT (http://www.fit.fraunhofer.de/index_en.html) - FIT, the 
Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology, pursues a 
user-centered approach to information and cooperation systems design. The 
institute cooperates closely with Prof. Jarke's Information Systems group 
at RWTH Aachen University. Staff of 115 researchers.

Deque (http://www.deque.com/) - Forward thinking. Innovative solutions 
that automate Web compliance, reduce manual intervention, and provide 
flexible reporting. These are the hallmarks of Deque products and 
solutions. Deque's solutions take the guesswork out of accessibility, 
privacy, Web application security, and quality laws for the World Wide 

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