[OpenAjaxSteeringCommittee] Spring meeting (was Agenda for tomorrow's phone call)

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Hi, Jon.

Comments below.


On 1/31/09 8:30 AM, "Jon Ferraiolo" <jferrai at us.ibm.com> wrote:
> Hi Howard,
> As I remember, the actions in this area were:
> * Jon, to research options and make a proposal about how to have meetings
> of some sort (face-to-face, remote video meeting, or webinars)  in the
> spring
> * Mike, to help Jon understand the gotowebinar technology that Eclipse is
> using
> I haven't had time to research or think things through yet, but might as
> well bat things around on email.

That's good. I didn't see the 2 action items in the minutes and figured that
they should be included.

> Here is one approach that I was going to explore:
> * Set up an interactive members-only live webinar that gets recorded. The
> general thrust would be like our previous face-to-face meetings, where
> there is a presenter with interactive dialog with the OpenAjax members who
> attend. The key difference is that the meeting would be over the Web
> instead of in person.

Yes. I'm in agreement.

> * We could reserve a couple of conference rooms for people to attend the
> webinar in the same room together. For example, all of us from the Bay Area
> could go to the same conference room, and maybe a similar thing could
> happen in a few other locations.

I also like this one. I may be able to provide a location (I'll need to have
the date well in advance to schedule it, however).

> But one key thing I don't know yet is whether gotowebinar or other services
> provide interactive features, such as chat sessions. (I assume they do)
> Then the next question is whether the interactive dialogs are captured by
> the recording software. (I assume that they can only capture the main
> presenter, which means the presenter has to repeat key questions that come
> up in the chat sessions.)
> Jon
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> Re face to face:
> Does this mean that you decided not to pursue the remote thing?
> hw
> On 1/29/09 8:55 AM, "Jon Ferraiolo" <jferrai at us.ibm.com> wrote:
>> Here is the proposed agenda for tomorrow's Steering Committee phone call.
>> Jon
>> ----------
>> Next meeting
>>       Date/Time: Friday Jan 30, 1pm US-PT, 4pm US-ET
>>       Dial-in Number(s):
>>             Toll Free: 1-877-422-0052
>>             Toll: 1-314-655-1417
>>             Participant Pin access code: 580946
>>       Agenda
>>             Rechartering approved for Interoperability WG and IDE WG
>>                   Reminder: we did not recharter Marketing WG
>>             OpenAjax Hub 1.1 (Interoperability WG)
>>                   In the midst of final API discussions
>>                   In the midst of final editorial work
>>                   Open source reference implementation tracking
> last-minute
>>                   spec changes
>>                   Test suite needs lots of work still, will be a major
>>                   focus in coming weeks
>>                   Shooting for starting approval process in March, with
>>                   press activity upon approval
>>             OpenAjax Metadata 1.0 (IDE WG)
>>                   Only a couple of picayune open issues
>>                   Final push: completion and review of final editorial
> text
>>                   Shooting for approval sometime soon after Hub 1.1, with
>>                   press activity upon approval
>>             Mashable Widgets features for OpenAjax Metadata (Gadgets TF)
>>                   Mashup/gadgets features were split off (temporarily?)
>>                   into separate spec
>>                   IBM is working on concrete proposals
>>                   Once we have concrete proposals, Gadgets TF will kick
>>                   back into gear
>>                   Once proposals are fleshed out in Gadgets TF, the TF
> will
>>                   create recommendations for how to turn into an official
>>                   spec
>>                         Probably as incremental chapter(s) to OpenAjax
>>                         Metadata spec, published by IDE WG
>>                         Depending on timing for OAM 1.0, might sneak in
> to
>>                         OAM 1.0 or might be quick update as a OAM 1.1
>>                   Dan Gisolfi is co-chair (with Stew Nickolas). Dan will
>>                   focus on marketing and evangelism.
>>             Mobile Device APIs (Mobile TF)
>>                   OMTP BONDI has detailed specs available, several
>>                   commercial implementation in progress
>>                   Expect BONDI press announcements at Mobile Web Congress
>>                   in February
>>                   Mobile TF will meet in next two weeks to provide
> feedback
>>                   on the spec (note: looks good to Jon so far)
>>             Mashup single-signon (Security TF)
>>                   Larry Kovek (Security TF chair) is assembling use
> cases,
>>                   requirements, and strawman proposals around single
>>                   signon, user authentication and authorization
>>                   So far, looks like Enterprise world needs both
>>                   OpenID/OAuth and SAML
>>                   Once discussion material is ready, Security TF will
> kick
>>                   back into gear
>>             Accessible Tools (Accessibility TF)
>>                   http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/Accessibility
>>                   Objective: push the industry towards making more
>>                   accessible Ajax applications
>>                   Strawman deliverables: Best practice documents and
>>                   conformance validation tools
>>                   IBM is rounding up other companies to participate
>>             Second round browser wishlist
>>                   IE team has requested an update
>>                   Proposal: do a second round in early spring using as
> much
>>                   of old infrastructure as possible
>>             Ajax State of the world white paper and slide deck
>>                   Jon has a slide deck he gave recently that is mostly
>>                   ready
>>                   Will send to marketing at openajax.org and
>>                   steeringcommittee at openajax.org for review comments and
>>                   approvals
>>             Next face-to-face
>>                   No good Ajax conferences to piggyback in spring
>>                   Not prepared for any big events in spring anyway (e.g.,
>>                   an InteropFest)
>>                   Proposal: wait until fall
>>             OpenAjax Registry and OpenAjax Conformance
>>                   At F2F, agreed to finish these, but as lower priority
>>                   activities. No recent progress
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