[OpenAjaxSteeringCommittee] Agenda for tomorrow's phone call

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Thu Jan 29 08:55:07 PST 2009

Here is the proposed agenda for tomorrow's Steering Committee phone call.



Next meeting
      Date/Time: Friday Jan 30, 1pm US-PT, 4pm US-ET
      Dial-in Number(s):
            Toll Free: 1-877-422-0052
            Toll: 1-314-655-1417
            Participant Pin access code: 580946
            Rechartering approved for Interoperability WG and IDE WG
                  Reminder: we did not recharter Marketing WG
            OpenAjax Hub 1.1 (Interoperability WG)
                  In the midst of final API discussions
                  In the midst of final editorial work
                  Open source reference implementation tracking last-minute
                  spec changes
                  Test suite needs lots of work still, will be a major
                  focus in coming weeks
                  Shooting for starting approval process in March, with
                  press activity upon approval
            OpenAjax Metadata 1.0 (IDE WG)
                  Only a couple of picayune open issues
                  Final push: completion and review of final editorial text
                  Shooting for approval sometime soon after Hub 1.1, with
                  press activity upon approval
            Mashable Widgets features for OpenAjax Metadata (Gadgets TF)
                  Mashup/gadgets features were split off (temporarily?)
                  into separate spec
                  IBM is working on concrete proposals
                  Once we have concrete proposals, Gadgets TF will kick
                  back into gear
                  Once proposals are fleshed out in Gadgets TF, the TF will
                  create recommendations for how to turn into an official
                        Probably as incremental chapter(s) to OpenAjax
                        Metadata spec, published by IDE WG
                        Depending on timing for OAM 1.0, might sneak in to
                        OAM 1.0 or might be quick update as a OAM 1.1
                  Dan Gisolfi is co-chair (with Stew Nickolas). Dan will
                  focus on marketing and evangelism.
            Mobile Device APIs (Mobile TF)
                  OMTP BONDI has detailed specs available, several
                  commercial implementation in progress
                  Expect BONDI press announcements at Mobile Web Congress
                  in February
                  Mobile TF will meet in next two weeks to provide feedback
                  on the spec (note: looks good to Jon so far)
            Mashup single-signon (Security TF)
                  Larry Kovek (Security TF chair) is assembling use cases,
                  requirements, and strawman proposals around single
                  signon, user authentication and authorization
                  So far, looks like Enterprise world needs both
                  OpenID/OAuth and SAML
                  Once discussion material is ready, Security TF will kick
                  back into gear
            Accessible Tools (Accessibility TF)
                  Objective: push the industry towards making more
                  accessible Ajax applications
                  Strawman deliverables: Best practice documents and
                  conformance validation tools
                  IBM is rounding up other companies to participate
            Second round browser wishlist
                  IE team has requested an update
                  Proposal: do a second round in early spring using as much
                  of old infrastructure as possible
            Ajax State of the world white paper and slide deck
                  Jon has a slide deck he gave recently that is mostly
                  Will send to marketing at openajax.org and
                  steeringcommittee at openajax.org for review comments and
            Next face-to-face
                  No good Ajax conferences to piggyback in spring
                  Not prepared for any big events in spring anyway (e.g.,
                  an InteropFest)
                  Proposal: wait until fall
            OpenAjax Registry and OpenAjax Conformance
                  At F2F, agreed to finish these, but as lower priority
                  activities. No recent progress
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