[OpenAjaxSecurity] Fw: GET vs HEAD vs OPTIONS

Kris Zyp kriszyp at xucia.com
Thu Jan 3 18:37:34 PST 2008

>  for years to come, especially since there is already an option today to
> do the same thing today via a server proxy at www.example.com, and with
> OpenAjax Hub 1.1, you will be able to make it happen in a secure manner
> from the client.
I sure hope we are not planning on relying on FIM for the future of cross
site communication. Don't get me wrong, it provides a doable solution to the
problem, and I think OAH 1.1 is very valuable, but relying on a polling-base
hack is hardly something that will scale and provide a foundation to build
our future on. We do need something (or multiple things) like this proposal.
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