[OpenAjaxSecurity] [OpenAjaxInterop] Cross-Frame Messaging (was SMash questions and issues)

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Sat Sep 29 11:01:30 PDT 2007

This email from Kris Zyp did not get through. Maybe I was clearing out some
accumulated spam and accidentally cleared out this email.

Kris, I have now added you to the security at openajax.org mailing list, so I
hope your emails will go through from now on.


  Earlier I had suggested using the subspace approach, as I have
  implemented subspace and could donate my code (CrossSafe). Subspace
  solves most of these problems, because real JS objects can be passed
  between frames: no polling, no serialization, no fragmentation, no
  encoding, no need for compression, no 20Hz clicking. Previously it didn't
  sound like there was interest in this, but if there is, I will try to
  upload my code to the repository and when I get a chance see how it could
  integrate into the hub. And I should attend a meeting too...
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