[OpenAjaxSecurity] Speaking opportunity at AJAXWorld

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Mon Sep 24 18:18:56 PDT 2007

Hi Howard,
Some IBM colleagues responded privately to my email but were unable to get
travel authorization. So, I created a slide deck just like I said I would
below and will present that slide deck. Everyone is welcome to come to the
session to help me out.


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Did anyone help you pull this together?

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 I just learned late yesterday that the organizers of AJAXWorld, sys-con,
 have approved a speaking slot next Wednesday for a session that I proposed
 to them a couple of months ago, "OpenAjax and Secure Mashups". They forgot
 to tell me about this. I noticed it by accident. (Otherwise, who knows,
 maybe no one would have shown up to conduct the session!)

 Here is the abstract that I submitted:
 http://www.ajaxworld.com/general/sessiondetail0907.htm?id=115. If anyone
 is interested in joining me on the podium to conduct this session, please
 tell me. Otherwise, I will pull together a presentation between now and
 Wednesday and muddle through as best I can.

 If left to my own, I will probably start off with an overview on OpenAjax
 Alliance, mention the Security TF, talk about how we developed the white
 paper (mentioning how we started with content from the developerWorks
 article from IBM security experts, then added to that using expertise from
 multiple companies, then sent it to the Mktg WG for editing and
 publishing), review the most common security threats and techniques for
 addressing them, mention our efforts around the Ajax Resources wiki page,
 talk about the techniques used in the SMash proposal, and finish with a
 discussion about our efforts to support secure mashups in OpenAjax Hub

 security mailing list
 security at openajax.org

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