[OpenAjaxSecurity] Google has posted an article on Ajax security

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Wed Apr 4 12:53:10 PDT 2007

Thanks for referencing the MS posting.

I read through the JavaScript hijacking article and I think it throws a
spotlight on just a couple of issues among many. For the issues pointed out
in the article, there are techniques to address the potential problem, and
ASP.NET uses some of those techniques.

The question for the security task force is what role OpenAjax should play.
Here are some options:

(1) We could play an educational role. There are known techniques for many
of the most well-known Ajax vulnerability issues. OpenAjax Alliance could
create white papers or web pages that describe these vulnerabilities and
techniques for addressing them (or link to other sources which provide the

(2) We could define a set of Ajax security best practices as part of our
OpenAjax Conformance trust brand. In order for products to claim OpenAjax
Conformance, they would have to support our security-related best

(3) We could play a role in improving the security infrastructure of the
Web. Maybe there are improvements to the browser or server technologies
which would help with security issues. (One example might be federated

I don't have an opinion yet, but my instincts are that there is something
we can do around (1) and (2) at least.


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FYI, here’s the Microsoft answer on the JSON hijacking vulnerability that
made the news yesterday:

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Google has posted an article on Ajax security:

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