[OpenAjaxMobile] Proposed conceptual framework for Mobile Device API security

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Wed Mar 26 15:57:10 PDT 2008

Last week at AJAXWorld I had a chance to brainstorm with some of the IBM
engineers on the Security TF about what we might do at OpenAjax about
Mobile Device API security issues. I attempted to capture the discussion at
the following location:


I'm not sure how much my write-up matches what we talked about last week.
If the IBM engineers feel that I either made mistakes in capturing what we
talked about, or if they disagree with any of my additions, please speak
up. And of course everyone else should review the ideas and say what you

Basically, I propose that one of the things that we should do at OpenAjax
is work on a white paper that talks about security considerations with
having the Web Runtime access device APIs.


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