[OpenAjaxMobile] Phone call tomorrow (Thursday March 13)

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Thu Mar 13 15:08:11 PDT 2008

It is a very interesting idea to have W3C organize a workshop on mobile
device APIs, and I definitely encourage you to talk with Dave Raggett.

If it is possible to wait until the 2nd half of May before finalizing goals
and scope of the workshop, there is the advantage that W3C might see
whatever insight we have gained at OpenAjax Alliance in this area. I can't
guarantee we will have reach conclusions by then, but I hope we will have
at least a lot more clarity after we finish our exploratory phase (ends on
April 30).

As you know, last year the W3C and OpenAjax Alliance co-sponsored the
Workshop on Mobile Ajax. I expect that the Steering Committee would support
such a co-sponsorship with the mobile device APIs workshop, if W3C wanted a
co-sponsor. (In fact, the workshop on mobile device APIs could be
considered the promised follow-on workshop to the one we had in September.)

Note that a big topic with regard to mobile device APIs is security. That
might be a hot discussion area at the workshop. (The APIs themselves are
more straightforward.)

Regarding DDR for Ajax, it would be fine with me to take that up as a new
activity within the Mobile Task Force. It would probably be best to wait
until we finish the white paper as we are already juggling two simultaneous
efforts. Two warnings, though. First, getting the Ajax toolkit developers
to share some of their insights can be like pulling teeth. They are a busy
group of people.  Second, today might be a little early for good feedback
from the Ajax toolkit community. On the whole, they are early in the
process of adding mobile support to their existing desktop toolkits. The
best timing for good input from a good number of toolkits (and the
community at large) might be in 6 months, 12 months, or 18 months. Another
factor is that the various expected iPhone competitors aren't on the market
yet. Therefore, a good part of the Ajax work today targets only the iPhone.
For example, when I updated the OpenAjax web site, I included a small
amount of special conditional PHP logic for the iPhone, and for unknown
browsers (which mainly means mobile browsers) the site delivers simple HTML
(single flow area, top-to-bottom) without any JavaScript. Once the iPhone
competitors start to appear, then I'll start to need some sort of DDR for
Ajax devices, but I'm not looking for it today. I'll bet there are lots of
others like me out there.


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Yes, naturally this was the email I popped up on my screen shortly before I
headed out for my 4pm, and later got back to my desk to join the 5pm call
only to hear a lot of clicking (subsequently to be attributed to people
disconnecting). No, I didn't really spot the details in the email that
followed, correcting for the difference in DST :)

So I missed you guys by an hour!

Anyway, I'll catch up on the minutes. There were two things I wanted to
draw your attention to:

1. Dave Raggett, chair of the W3C's UWA (look it up) mentioned recently
that he'd like to organise a workshop on device APIs. He's thinking about
things like the DCCI, DDR-API, OMA DPE and (naturally) mobile Ajax APIs. I
think getting Dave to make contact would be a good idea, and if you're OK
with it I'll speak with him.

2. The W3C Device Description WG (of which I am chair) finished a
face-to-face in Korea last week, and we have agreed the bones of a
server-side API to access static device information (e.g. how big is the
screen on the device to which I'm about to respond?). This is being called
the Device Description Repository (DDR) Simple API. An advanced version
will be the task of another group for the months (years?) ahead. In a paper
I presented at our last workshop, I said that such information could be
used to adapt Ajax resources (e.g. scripts) before they are sent to the
device. However, to be properly useful the Ajax community would have to
figure out what static information about a device would be useful for such
adaptation so that the properties could be listed in an Ajax Vocabulary for
the DDR. Interestingly, last week I was contacted by dotMobi to find out if
the Ajax people had an idea yet about such a vocabulary. I said not yet,
but that I'd raise the subject. I think this!
  topic deserves a mention in the "futures" part of the whitepaper.

If you'd like to see the draft API (expressed in Java, but will be
translated to other languages) see this:

(Ignore the IDL and Perl for now, as they are out of date. The JavaDoc is
up to date.)

Sorry for not being as active in the Mobile Ajax as I had been a few months
ago. Hope to fix this. Meanwhile, as I can't travel to NY (or anywhere,
just yet), I have asked my colleague, Wes Thielke, from our office in New
Jersey to represent me at the meeting. He's hugely knowledgeable about
mobile devices, especially the network stacks, so feel free to pick his



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Subject: [OpenAjaxMobile] Phone call tomorrow (Thursday March 13)

This is a reminder that we are having weekly Mobile TF phone calls until
the end of April to make fast progress on Mobile Device APIs and to finish
up the white paper.

As you have seen, I have attempted to engage the Security TF on initial
email discussion about security issues. No responses yet, but that's
understandable. Security experts often operate in a measured and careful
manner. I'll try to talk to some of the IBM security experts in person next
week in conjunction with AJAXWorld even if there is no immediate engagement
on the email lists.

I also did some initial coarse-grain work on the Requirements wiki page:

* http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/Mobile_Device_APIs_Requirements

It would be good to do at least a quick pass review of that page tomorrow
to discuss organization, format and process for building a list of
requirements. The current contents of the page is the result of attempting
to capture the key features that I found in Vodafone's Mobile Script. I
haven't had time yet to look at other similar technologies, such as
J2ME/MSA. I encourage others to help out by adding other items to that wiki


Next Conference Call

             *           Date: each Thursday (starting with March 6, ending
with April 24, but skipping March 20)
             *           Time: 9amPT, noonET, 5pm GMT, 6pm Paris
             *           Agenda

                                     *           Device APIs

Use cases: Mobile Device APIs Use Cases <
Requirements: Mobile Device APIs Requirements <
Security: Mobile Device APIs Security <

                                     *           White paper:
http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/WP3_-_Mobile_Ajax <

                                     *           Individual sections:

MobileAjaxWhitePaper Title <
MobileAjaxWhitePaper Introduction <
MobileAjaxWhitePaper Characterizing Mobile Ajax Support Today <
MobileAjaxWhitePaper Mobile Ajax in Practice <
MobileAjaxWhitePaper Challenges and Opportunities for Developers <

MobileAjaxWhitePaper The Mobile Opportunity <
MobileAjaxWhitePaper Differences in User Interfaces <

MobileAjaxWhitePaper Top 10 Tips for Developers <
MobileAjaxWhitePaper Future <
MobileAjaxWhitePaper References <
MobileAjaxWhitePaper Glossary <


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