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I am not sure that I recorded everyone who was on the phone call yesterday.
If I neglected to include your name in the list of attendees, please go add
your name to the wiki page that holds the minutes.


Mobile Minutes 2008-01-24

URL: http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/Mobile_Minutes_2008-01-24

      David Boloker, IBM (chair)
      Rick Saletta, Wavemaker
      Louenas Hamdi, SAP
      Rotan Hanrahan, Mobile Aware
      David Pollington, Vodafone
      Torkel Hambraeus, Ikivo
      Andrew Sledd, Ikivo
      Ryan XU, elooMobile


Vodafone slide deck

DavidP: VF has been working for past 6 months on Web Runtime for mobile
widgets and other applications. We want to unlock device APIs to be
available for Web RT. We have MobileScript that allows browsers to bind to
Windows Mobile and Symbian. Mobile browsing is increasing. Can bring great
capabilities such as mashups and innovative environments. But to fulfill
the potential, need packaging format (WAF standard for widgets), device
APIs spec, and a security model.

Jon: There has been strong OpenAjax member interest in this area. In the
past six months there has been lots of progress, particular associated with
due diligence work about what exists today in the device APIs space. It was
perhaps the top item to come out of the Workshop on Mobile Ajax that
happened in September.

DavidB: Everyone is on the same page.

Jon/DavidP: We will be talking with others at 3GSM in a few weeks about
device APIs.

Jon: Might have a call-to-action once we get back from 3GSM.

DavidP: Vodafone will be hosting a meeting at 3GSM which is similar to the
similar meeting on mobile ajax that occurred at last year's 3GSM, to
determine next steps.

DavidP: People should read documents and send feedback.

Andrew: Ikivo is very interested in this area.

White paper

Jon: Thanks to Rick for all of his work on the first draft.

Rick: I don't think we have a white paper but more of a contributed

Jon: Maybe you are right, but we have called similar articles "white
papers" before and no one has complained.

Rick: Can get article into publications.

Jon: Yes, in fact we have done this in the past. AJAXWorld is a great venu
for this. They usually have both a print and online version for submitted
articles. Has to be 1000-1500 words.

Rick: I can shrink it.

Jon: But we want to first finish the longer version, with the Mktg WG
publishing it, and then have the Mktg WG shrink it and submit it.

Jon: How about the title?

DavidB: Don't like "top 10". How about simply "Introduction to Mobile

DavidP: Are we going to give guidelines to developers?

DavidB: We are somewhere in the middle.

Jon: I think that's where we should be. An introduction, but the meat is
around guidelines.

Ryan: There is an article from Drucker and Associates about mobile user

Jon: Need to look at that article and decide how to reconcile and whether
to reference it. Can you send the url?

Ryan: Yes. Will send to the list.

Jon: What about the outline. Is it correct? I know we have had lots of
discussion before, and came up with what we have, but here is a chance to
talk again.

DavidB: Does everyone have same vision of one Web where a single URL works
on any device?

Jon: For example, go to ibm.com and you get information about IBM on either
desktop or mobile.

(no objections)

DavidB: What other technologies should be or should not be used?

DavidP: It's should be about the mobile Web Runtime, not different
technology. But not just browsing. Bringing the web to mobile.

Andrew: What about bring mobile to the web? Bring mobile experience in step
with the web to have same technology and usage paradigms.

Jon: Agree that we need to take into account widgets and installed apps.

DavidP: Yes, on mobile, widget paradigm makes a lot of sense on mobile
devices. We need to emphasize these workflows more.

Ryan: I think that white paper is missing what Andrew said about bringing
web to existing mobile devices.

Andrew: Yes, need to emphasize Web RT is being used outside of the browser
as a developer tip.

Jon: Need to emphasize better the non-browser scenarios.

Rotan: I want to point out that widgets aren't just a mobile thing.

Jon: I agree. We don't want to phrase things to appear to say that widgets
are only for mobile devices.

Rotan: Let's take a step back. In title we have "Mobile Ajax 1.0". No spec
or version for Mobile Ajax. Will OpenAjax create a spec and define version

Jon: No, no one is writing such a spec, and definitely we couldn't do it
here as it is too big and anyways W3C would be more appropriate.

Rotan: In intro, need to be honest about the status of Mobile Ajax. Some
implementations and some commonality, but not ... (widespread?)

Jon: I agree. At least remove "1.0".

Rotan: Perhaps need HTML, XHR and widgets as locations where standards are
being defined. People will hit this paper via Google search, so we should
point to standards.

Jon: Makes a lot of sense to me.

(few others) agree

Jon: Do we have a consensus on the outline and topics?

DavidB: Yes, that's what I am hearing. Now, who wants to help?

Rotan: I can take the lead on the W3C things

Rick: I can take another editorial pass.

Jon: I am available also.

DavidP: I can help edit.

DavidB: I am also willing to help.

Andrew: We are also willing.

Rotan: Let's use the discussion tab. It's the mediawiki way. Break the
document into subsections.

Jon: Yes, for short-term, but bring back together later.

Jon: Next meeting - when?

Next meeting will be Feb. 6, 9am California time.

Jon: A little time left. Let's talk about the Bundeliga example.

DavidP: Yes, can't use SVG. While it is true that it is using concepts, it
isn't using Ajax.

(discussion about why a concrete example adds values to the paper)

DavidP: We have some examples we are working on. I could describe those
examples and include screengrabs.

Jon: Please!

Rotan: In the future, would be better if everyone would log into the IRC

Jon: Yes.
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