[OpenAjaxMobile] White paper has been split as we discussed at today's phone call

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Thu Jan 24 15:33:09 PST 2008

I have created  11 separate wiki pages for the various sections in our
white paper. The table of contents is found at the top of the existing
white paper wiki page:

* http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/WP3_-_Mobile_Ajax

Here is a list of the wiki pages that I created:

      MobileAjaxWhitePaper Title
      MobileAjaxWhitePaper Introduction
      MobileAjaxWhitePaper Characterizing Mobile Ajax Support Today
      MobileAjaxWhitePaper Mobile Ajax in Practice
      MobileAjaxWhitePaper Challenges and Opportunities for Developers
            MobileAjaxWhitePaper The Mobile Opportunity
            MobileAjaxWhitePaper Differences in User Interfaces
      MobileAjaxWhitePaper Top 10 Tips for Developers
      MobileAjaxWhitePaper Future
      MobileAjaxWhitePaper References
      MobileAjaxWhitePaper Glossary

For each of the sections in the white paper, I have set things up as

* The main "article" page contains Rick's original white paper text without
any comments
* The "discussion" tab contains the original text plus any annotative
comments that people have supplied so far.

As we discussed at today's phone call, please post your comments and
proposed revised text on the "discussion" tabs, not on the main article.

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