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Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Wed Jan 16 09:27:12 PST 2008

Hi Rotan, Chaals, Torkel and others,

At the moment I don't have any suggestions for how to lower expenses for
people calling in from Europe and Australia. I don't think Skype is a
viable option because (from what I can tell) it only supports 9 people on a
conference call and the moderator has to know which 9 people will be
attending and then actively dial each of the 9 people. Given how loosey
goosey things are at OpenAjax, I don't think such an approach is workable.
Because OpenAjax Alliance collects no fees and therefore has no money to
spend, it is dependent on the generosity of its members for phone bridges.
We have been using IBM's bridge, with IBM footing the bills. I am now
trying to figure out if there is another IBM voice bridge system with
toll-free European and Australian call-in numbers. (You'd think IBM would
have such a system, but it turns out that all internal phone calls use an
internal VOIP network.) For the time being, let's assume that I can't
figure out anything in time for this next phone call, therefore people
outside of the US will get punished, but I will try to find alternatives
that won't punish in the future. If anyone has suggestions for alternative
strategies, please speak up.


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Totally agree :) We've cut teleconference costs substantially by using
VoIP. Of course, now the number of calls per week has gone up
substantially. The bridge for the Mobile TF will not accept an incoming
connection from a VoIP source, so this does present a bit of a problem.

Skype anyone?



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Time works fine for me.

Are there any European numbers available to reach the bridge? That would be
positive for my phone bill.



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Hi everyone,
I am sending this email on behalf of our new Mobile TF chair, David
Boloker. David and I have been coordinating on a date/time for the next
phone call and are proposing the following:

Date: Thursday Jan. 24
Time: 10amPT, 1pmET, 6pm GMT, 7pm Paris
Toll Free: 1-877-422-0052
Toll: 1-314-655-1417
Participant Pin access code: 142380

Please RSVP about this proposed time slot. If this time doesn't work for
enough people, then we will have to try to find a time slot on the
following week (Jan 28).

The primary topic will be the Mobile Ajax white paper:

* http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/WP3_-_Mobile_Ajax

Rick Saletta has put in a lot of effort on the above white paper, so we now
have a complete initial draft. Charles McCathie-Nevile and I have inserted
feedback comments. I encourage others to review the current draft and also
insert feedback comments inline within the above wiki page. That will help
make the meeting more productive.


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