[OpenAjaxMobile] New chair(s) for Mobile TF

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Wed Jan 2 11:00:37 PST 2008

Hi Louenas,
I don't have any public URLs that I can point to that shows increased
customer interest in Mobile Ajax. Most of my personal knowledge comes from
word of mouth, such as talking to people at trade shows, talking with some
of my colleagues at IBM about some of the mobile projects that are in
process with some leading edge customers, and observing various web sites
that are providing specialized user interfaces for selected mobile
platforms such as the iPhone.


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Hi John,
Happy new year to you too J
Do you have a reference for your statement below in bold? I’m looking for
these kind of statements.

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Happy New Year!

As you should all know by now, we are sorry about losing Rhys Lewis as
chair of the Mobile TF as he has moved onto a different company and new
challenges. Therefore, we need to find a new chair for the Mobile TF.

David Boloker of IBM, who was instrumental in pulling together the industry
to form OpenAjax Alliance and who is chair of the OpenAjax Alliance
Steering Committee, has volunteered to become chair of the Mobile TF. David
is willing to share to the responsibility if anyone else is willing and
able to help out. David has a strong interest and commitment to pushing
progress within OpenAjax Alliance on the Mobile Ajax front, partly because
“IBM is seeing strong interest from customers in Mobile Ajax as an
important emerging technology”.

Please reply if you have an interest in co-chairing the Mobile TF with

mobile mailing list
mobile at openajax.org

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