[OpenAjaxMarketing] Phone call tomorrow - here is the agenda

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Mon Nov 26 11:28:24 PST 2007

Two weeks ago, we took the entire meeting time slot to talk about OpenAjax
Conformance and did not get to our other issues. Tomorrow, let's discuss
those other issues.


      Tuesday Nov 27, 9amPST, noonEST, 6pmParis
            US toll-free: 1-877-422-0052
            Toll: 1-314-655-1417
            Participant Pin access code: 687608
      IRC channel: irc.freenode.net, #oaa-marketing
            Next set of white papers
                  Status report on white paper(s) on JSF and portals
                  Mobile TF has preliminary outline for Mobile Ajax white

            Web site update? Looking for ideas and suggestions
                  I'm thinking that it's time to highlight our initiatives,
                  not just highlight our list of members
                  Have long promised to add a link to OpenDomain.org
                  Are there Web sites with good approaches that we want to
                        HR-XML is a similar organization, whose web site
                        has some nice features (http://www.hr-xml.org/)
            OpenAjax vendor catalog at next year's Ajax conferences?
            We now also have OpenAjax.com. What should we do with it?

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