[OpenAjaxInterop] hub code changes

Javier H Pedemonte pedemont at us.ibm.com
Thu Dec 11 11:44:23 PST 2008

Howard Weingram <weingram at tibco.com> wrote on 12/09/2008 09:14:44 PM:
> > In the JSDoc for _sendToClient(), you state that the onPublish() 
> > takes 'null' for the publisher ID if the publisher is a 
> ManagedHub.  However,
> > if the user has two or more managed hubs and uses the same onPublish()
> > callback, they would not be able to differentiate between the 
> multiple managed
> > hubs.  Of course, this is probably a pretty rare use case, so we 
> > don't need to consider it too much.  Just wanted to throw it out 
> The following options are available to us:
> 1. Tell the programmer to use different scope objects
>     (which can be specified in the ManagedHub constructor
>     params) to differentiate, or to just use different callbacks.
> 1 works today, and since we agree that the scenario you mentioned will
> happen quite infrequently, and that the developer has complete control 
> whether it happens or not, I would be happy to leave this as is.

I agree completely.  I just wanted to bring this up, to see if anyone 
thought otherwise.

Javier H Pedemonte

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