[OpenAjaxInterop] Today's phone call

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Mon Dec 8 07:57:18 PST 2008

There will be an Interoperability WG phone call today at 11am US-PT, 2pm
US-ET, 8pm Paris. Call-in information:

Passcode: 8524962301
US Toll free: 1-888-619-1583
US Toll: 1-719-457-1414
For toll-free numbers for other countries, see:

The discussion topics for today are captured on the following wiki page:

* http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/Hub_1.1_Tasks/Proposals

At the top of the wiki page, I have summarized recent email discussion,
which has been mainly between Howard and Javier. I inserted a few opinions
of my own on the wiki page, prefaced by "Jon:". I am hoping we can make
decisions on the various issues that Howard and Javier have brought up, and
then soon after update the Hub 1.1 to reflect those decisions.

I will probably make minor changes to the wiki page between now and when
the phone call occurs.

Thanks to Howard and Javier for doing so much work in preparation for the
phone call.


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