[OpenAjaxInterop] OpenAjax.hub development decision

Howard Weingram weingram at tibco.com
Sat Dec 6 23:39:30 PST 2008

Hello, everyone.

I would like to propose that in all of our reference implementations, we
follow a simple property-naming policy for JavaScript objects:

* Given an object, properties of the object that are PUBLIC are named using
camel case, e.g.:

    OpenAjax.hub.implVersion = "1.1";

* Properties of the object that are PRIVATE or PACKAGE PRIVATE are
    named with an underscore at the beginning, using camel case. Thus,
    the following code might appear in OpenAjax.hub.ManagedHub(params):

    this._onPublish = params.onPublish;

* External code should not access properties whose names begin with


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