[OpenAjaxInterop] Howard's changes to Hub 1.1 proposal page

Javier H Pedemonte pedemont at us.ibm.com
Thu Dec 4 14:04:51 PST 2008

Some thoughts on the latest changes:

* I thought we decided to get rid of 'subscriberData' for subscribe()?  Do 
you now think it would be good to keep this around?
* For OpenAjax.hub.Hub.prototype.unsubscribe(), does the user just assume 
that the operation succeeded (like publish()), or should we have an 
onComplete() callback?  I'm not sure if a callback would get us much here, 
but just wanted to bring this up, as the old APIs had such a callback.
* What is the point of the 2 getParameters() functions?  I can't think of 
a good use case where these would be useful.
* In the code I just checked in, I have the sendEvent() function taking a 
3rd parameter: the subscription id.  My reasoning is that if the function 
only takes 'topic' and 'data', then the container must have its own mini 
subscription tree (or at least an associative array).  But it must also 
keep a mapping between the subscription handle and relevant data.  But if 
sendEvent() takes 'topic', 'data' and the subscription ID, it makes things 
* If a subscribe() is disallowed by the onSubscribe callback, then 
subscribeForClient() should return false; true otherwise.  The same cannot 
be done for the onPublish callback, since the publish events don't give 

I also have some minor edits to the API wiki (still to be done), mainly to 
the descriptions.  Also, JSDoc question: how do you represent a type that 
can be anything?  I've been using "*", but I'm not sure that's right...

Javier H Pedemonte
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