[OpenAjaxIDE] Upward references in <require> @src attributes allowed when parent is <library>?

Kin Blas jblas at adobe.com
Thu Sep 3 13:02:08 PDT 2009

The spec currently states the following for <require> elements that are a child of a <library> tag:

"When the <require> element is a child of a <library> element, the src attribute must be a relative URI, where the specified location is relative to the base directory for the Ajax library. This requirement for relative URIs allows developer tools<http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/OpenAjax_Metadata_1.0_Specification_Introduction#Terminology> to relocate Ajax libraries such that multiple widgets can share instances of Ajax libraries."

Folks internally here at Adobe were wondering if this was legal based on the description above:

<library src="fooLib/" version="1.0">
                <require type="javascript" src="../bar/bar.js" />

I told them that the intent for a <require> inside a <library> tag was to describe files/assets that were *inside* the library directory so I thought that example was not valid. Do others agree? If so, can we add some verbage to the text above that says <require> elements within <library> tags can only reference files inside the library directory, and that upward references (../) are not allowed?

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