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Kin Blas jblas at adobe.com
Fri Aug 28 15:04:28 PDT 2009

The more I think about this, the more I think including an @type is much cleaner than differenciating between  a file and directory by a trailing slash. With the advent of CSS animations etc, I'm thinking a library could very well be a CSS file.

<!-- When not specified default value for @type would be "folder" -->
<library src="foo" version="1.0" />

<!-- Equivalent to the previous example, but with @type specified. -->
<library type="folder" src="foo" version="1.0" />

<!-- Only library tags with a type of "folder" are allowed to have require tags inside them. -->
<library src="foo" version="1.0">
                <require type="javascript" src="includes/foo.js" />
                <require type="css" src="css/foo.css" />

<!-- A library can also point to a file, but the type must be specified. -->
<library type="javascript" src="includes/foo.js"  version="1.0" />
<library type="css" src="css/animations.css" version="1.0" />

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From: Kin Blas
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Subject: [OpenAjaxIDE] <library> src path to a file ...

So in the last meeting it was decided that @src on a library tag could point to a file, and in the examples I've heard  Jon mention,  gives, he uses jquery.js:

<library src="includes/jquery.js" version="1.7.2" />

Is the IDE to assume that if the @src is a file path (as opposed to a directory path), that the file is a JS file? That is, will the spec call that out as the only supported file type for a library @src path? Or do we need to introduce a @type attribute for the <library> tag?

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