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Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
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IDE Minutes 2009 08 11

URL: http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/IDE_Minutes_2009_08_11

      Jon Ferraiolo, IBM
      Lori Hylan-Cho
      Adam Peller, IBM
      Javier Pedemonte, IBM
      Scott Richards, Adobe
      Nitin Dahyabhai, IBM Rational
      Bertrand Le Roy, Microsoft


getProxyUrl() to rewriteURI()

Jon: A few emails in response, all saying supportive or helpful things. No
negatives. Any objections?


RESOLUTION: Change getProxyUrl() to rewriteURI() per Jon's proposal

(Jon to update spec)


Jon: 3 choices: (1) don't add a new feature, (2) add a minimal feature, (3)
add full feature that takes care of internationalization concerns

Adam: I prefer option (1). Prefer not to do a part way solution. Usually

Jon: Scott, do you know about this issue?

Scott: Following it a little

Jon: Maybe we should wait until next week for Kin

Adam: Maybe replace formatdate() with a more general mechanism to invoke
arbitrary JS? But can we assume JS is available, or is that only around at

Scott: Isn't the goal to just format DD, MM and YY? Or is the goal to have
a feature that will take care of localization concerns?

Adam: Problem is that even a numeric format has to be localized.

Jon: My understanding is that the request was for some version of DD, MM
and YY.

Adam: That would bypass localization.

Bertrand: Maybe we are trying to provide a mechanism for specifying start
and end dates. The big approach is way too complex.

(Adam and Bertrand talk about all of the internationalization complexities)

Adam: Can we force the widget to deal with this problem?

Lori: Not when you have design-time authoring scenarios.

RESOLUTION: Alternative 3 (the full internationalization solution) is not

Jon: We'll resume next week, when hopefully Kin will be with us

Widget Metadata chapter

Jon: Lori wants to move some of the Ajax library notes into the <librar>
element. I support that. Just shifting text around.

Lori: 'copy' attribute.

(discussion about how 'copy' is described as "make available at runtime".
for absolute urls, there is no copying.)

Lori: So for a CDN, copy=true will not copy. If we are calling it 'copy',
it should involve copying.

Jon: We could say that 'copy' does not apply when an absolute URL is used.

Lori: I think 'target' gives you everything you need to know.

(did research. Neither Dreamweaver or the OA widget samples use 'copy' at
this time)

RESOLUTION: Remove 'copy' attribute, at least until someone shows a
scenario where they would use it

(jon to remove 'copy' from language schema, lori to update spec)

Lori: For 'src' attribute, I moved a few paragraphs from "Ajax library

Jon: Yes, looks good. More shuffling of existing content.

Lori: 'includeRef' on <library>. There is a comment about "completeness"

Jon: Comment says that we don't see a use case, but we are putting
'includeRef' on <library> because it is on <require> and the industry might
discover a use case. But given how we removed 'copy' 5 minutes ago because
no one was using it, I would say the same logic would apply here.

Scott: We are using 'includeRef' on <require>

Jon: Yes, that stays

RESOLUTION: Remove 'includeRef' from <library>

(jon to update schema, lori to update spec)

Lori: If you point to a folder, do you also need to point to the main
script file?

Jon: Yes

Lori: Need to say this in spec. I'll add it.

Lori: Jon, you added a comment for postload

Jon: Yes, your new sentence said that postload must come after require. Did
you mean within XML file?

Lori: Yes

Jon: The way we have implemented it, we do pass one to parse the XML and
convert into a JSON structure that includes things like list of libraries,
list of requires, and lists of preload and postload. Then we build the HTML
content to stuff into document. I expect this will be the usual way to
implement. So, it doesn't matter if postload is earlier in the file than
require or preload.

Lori: OK, I'll remove that sentence.

Lori: There is text under 'src' about absolute URIs and the 'target'
attribute. Similar text under LIBRARY and REQUIRE


(decision: put these comments under 'target' attribute and repeat for

Lori: ordering issues section. I don't understand the sentence about

Jon: Yes, should say before/after any of the child elements for LIBRARY

Lori: TOPIC element. Only editorial changes. I'm not an expert, so couldn't
evaluate the content.

Jon: OK

Lori: For CATEGORY, also editorial. I fixed a formatting problem with the

Next week

Lori: I'll do a similar editorial review of the Widget APIs chapter. Happy
to review, but I'm not a mashup person. Would be helpful if someone else
would review.

Jon: I'll ask Howard.
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