[OpenAjaxIDE] Agenda for tomorrow: Review Widget Metadata chapter

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Unfortunately, I won't be able to make the meeting today due to a last-minute internal conflict which I can't get out of.  I will also be on PTO Wednesday through next Tuesday so I won't be available via email.

I have not had a chance to link up with Lori, but what I did have in mind was something similar to the PHP or Unix style date formatting where variable substitutions are made:

<p>Euro-Style: @@formatdate(myDate,"d/m/Y")@@</p>
<p>Western Style: @@formatdate(myDate,"m/d/Y")@@</p>

This would be the most flexible as opposed to having built-in canned formatted dates. Of course this would mean we would have to adopt the PHP/Unix variables (desireable), or come up with our own (less-desireable).

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The main topic for tomorrow's phone call is detailed review of the Widget Metadata chapter:

* http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/OpenAjax_Metadata_1.0_Specification_Widget_Metadata

Kin and Lori were also going to look into a proposal for a date formatting function. Regarding that topic, I did some web searches. It appears that ExtJS and Dojo (in dojox: http://api.dojotoolkit.org/jsdoc/1.3/dojox.date.php.DateFormat) have both offered JavaScript APIs that implement a subset of PHP's date formatting features. Also, the ServerJS crowd are talking about offering a date formatting feature that is also derivative of PHP's date formatting features. (http://www.mynajs.org/shared/docs/js/libOO/files/Date-js.html) Adam has been making comments to the ServerJS crowd that they should focus on core features and treat date formatting as something that can be provided by an add-on JavaScript library.

Thanks to Lori for the editorial work on the cover page and chapters 1 and 2.
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