[OpenAjaxIDE] Minutes 2009-07-07

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Wed Jul 8 04:17:15 PDT 2009

Below are the minutes from yesterday's phone call. I haven't completed the
spec updates yet. I'll make those changes in the next couple of days.

IDE Minutes 2009 07-07

URL: http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/IDE_Minutes_2009_07-07


      Javier Pedemonte, IBM
      Lori Hylan-Cho
      Jon Ferraiolo, IBM
      Adam Peller, IBM


(1) Proposed loose wording for algorithm for finding localization files
      Jon: http://openajax.org/pipermail/ide/2009q2/001186.html
Spec just says RFC 4647 has algorithms.
Doesn't say you must any particular algorithms.
Jon thinks this is the right way to go.

Jon: There are three major algorithms in 4647. I don't think we should
legislate one. It will be a victory if developers implement any of them
reasonably. The goal is to match user's locale with the right message
bundle file.

Jon: Noticed a grammatical error. Needs to say "can use"

Lori/Javier: Sounds like a reasonable approach.

(2) Are we sure: no substitution on preload, postload, inline require?
Jon asks "are we sure"?

Everyone: Should be easy to implement after everything else is working.

Lori: Seems like it should be the same as inline JAVASCRIPT element, and
same reason why you might want to substitute.

Javier: Yes. Also might have inline CSS that you want to namespace.

Javier/Adam: Why did we decide this before?

Lori/Jon: Pretty sure this was just an oversight.

RESOLUTION: Should do variable substitution on inline REQUIRE, POSTLOAD and

(3) A few details concerning Variable Substitution chapter
      Jon: http://openajax.org/pipermail/ide/2009q2/001188.html
(a) __WID__ characters: start with ASCII alpha, then subsequently only
ASCII alpha, ASCII numeric or underscore
(b) Substitution order: localization, property, __WID__, BIDI
(c) Is XSS warning OK?

(discussion about Jon's reasoning for (a))

RESOLUTION: Jon's proposal for __WID__ is good

Adam: Might implement all var sub in a single pass. Do we want to allow

Jon: No. Maybe we should say SHOULD NOT combine.

Lori/Adam: Order should be implementation-dependent

RESOLUTION: Change spec to say variable substitution order is
implementation-dependent and developers SHOULD NOT combine

Jon: For (c), I just wanted people to look at the XSS warning and say
whether it is appropriate for the spec

Adam: About the best we can do.

Javier: I like the wording. General problem, and then here is what we
provide to work around it.

(4) Any products out there with %% localization support already?
      Jon: http://openajax.org/pipermail/ide/2009q2/001196.html
TIBCO is running into a conflict with existing products which
already use similar syntax and is wondering who has
implemented %% and if this can be changed
(perhaps ## or ~~ or __MSG_key__ like OpenSocial).

Jon: Neither Howard or Adobe is here. Let's push this to another phone

(5) Outstanding editorial tasks
      Factory method example (Lori completed this one. Thanks, Lori!)
      CDATA discussion within widget chapter
      Example for <parameter> section
      Example for 'includeRef'

Jon: Lori did the first one. Thanks, Lori. If no one works on any of the
above, I'll do them, but not in the next few days. The PARAMETER one has an
example that uses features not in our spec and is too long

Lori: I'll work on the PARAMETER example.

 (6) Finalizing the metadata spec
      What implementation experience do we need?
      Detailed spec reviews: set a deadline?
      Target dates for finalization and approval?

Jon: We have various implementations already. Aptana and open source on API
Metadata side. (Jon forgot to mention Eclipse JSDT) On widget side, we have
open source and Adobe, and at least one other Enterprise company. (Jon
forgot to mention Rational Application Developer and other IBM products in
progress and SAP)

Jon: What's the plan for finishing? I'm in the mood to finish early.

Lori: Me, too. We have been working on this a long time.

Jon: Let's discuss this with others at a future phone call, particularly
Adobe and TIBCO.

Jon: We need people to review the spec carefully. I'm going to do two more
complete read-throughs before we finalize.

Future phone calls

Jon: If we can get Adobe and TIBCO next week, we can discuss the last two
issues. Then if no more issues, we can switch to an as-needed basis.
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