[OpenAjaxIDE] Schema and spec updated per decisions on Tuesday

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Thu Sep 18 10:06:08 PDT 2008

I made lots of minor changes to the language schema and corresponding minor
changes to the spec to reflect what we decided at Tuesday's phone call.

As part of my process of updated the schema, I have finally got around to
checking the schema into our SVN project at SourceForge so that people can
see what schema changes were made with each revision. The base version was
the schema definition before Tuesday's phone call. The first update to the
SVN tree reflects the changes I made this week.

Here is a summary of the changes I made:

(a) The <returns> element is now <returnType>, with a corresponding plural
element <returnTypes>

(b) 'datatype' is now required on <returnType>

(c) 'platform' is now required on <useragent>>

(d) We now allow multiple plural elements (previously at most one was
allowed). For example, you can now say:

<properties name="propbag1"><property .../><property .../></properties>
<properties name="propbag2"><property .../><property .../></properties>


<classes name="set1"><class .../><class .../></classes>.
<classes name="set2"><class .../><class .../></classes>.

and similarly for all of the plural elements that we have: aliases,
ancestors, authors, categories, childProperties, classes, constructors,
contents, enums, eventHandlerPatterns, events, examples, fields, icons,
interfaces, javascripts, methods, mixes, mixins, namespaces, references,
requires, returnTypes, topics

 (e) There is now an optional 'name' attribute on the plural elements, and
the plural elements can also have any of the descriptive elements (in
particular., <title> as the localizable alternative to 'name')

(f) I fixed a schema bug where <enums> and <enum> weren't referenced from
<api> element

If anyone sees any problems with the above, please speak up.

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