[OpenAjaxIDE] Spec and schema updated for factory method feature (paramName, paramValue, etc.)

Bertrand Le Roy Bertrand.Le.Roy at microsoft.com
Fri Sep 12 12:34:49 PDT 2008

It looks good except I don't think you made explicit that in the case of a generic factory, the parameter value can be a string or a function. Maybe we could have a second example:
<method name="classFactory">
  <parameter name="classToInstantiate" datatype="Function"/>
  <returns datatype="classToInstantiate"/>
At runtime this method can be invoked as follows: myShape = classFactory(acme.graphtools.circleClass) or myShape = classFactory(acme.graphtools.rectClass).

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Could people please take a look at the write-up that I have added to the spec on the new factory method features that we decided on during Tuesday's phone call? Here is the URL:


We still haven't decided whether the tag names should be:

* <returns>/<return>
* <returnTypes>/<returnType>
* <return-types>/<return-types>

We'll probably have to make that decision on Tuesday.

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