[OpenAjaxIDE] <require> type attribute values ...

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Fri Sep 12 12:24:34 PDT 2008

Yeah, I'm not sure about this either. The effect of the <require> element
is to either add an element into the document's HEAD:

@type="javascript" => Add a SCRIPT tag to HEAD
@type="css" => Add a LINK tag to HEAD

or to cause a file to be copied (usually from the widget source tree) into
the deployment area for the generated Web page, which usually applies to:


Media assets such as .mpeg files (which wasn't listed but is fairly
popular) are parallel to @type='image'. In fact, it would be OK to just
extend @type='image', but the semantics would be better if we added a new
keyword such as:


That's my favorite. We should probably also restore (as Kin suggest):


which would be for a single file for the situation where there is a
single-file asset that needs to be copied into the deployment area where
that file isn't either 'image' or 'media'.


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The <require> deals with incorporating the portlet's.
dependencies into the canvas outside of the widget's.
own "space". Wouldn't the multimedia files that you
are talking about exist as part of the widget itself, or
else be loaded by a JavaScript dependency or a library?

Best Regards,

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 The spec currently enumerates these values for the @type attribute of the
 <require> tag:

 library | javascript | image | css | folder

 I think we need to either add some other types, or introduce the notion of
 an “other” value to accommodate other popular file formats such
 as .mov, .avi, mp3, .swf, .flv, etc?


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