[OpenAjaxIDE] Change the tag name for <returns>?

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Wed Sep 10 10:12:07 PDT 2008

Here is the current official state of the spec:

* We currently have a <returns> element
* The schema says there can be at most one <returns> element for each
<method> element

In recent discussion, we have decided to allow multiple <returns> elements
to support scenarios such as:

<method name="create" scope="instance">
    <description>Creates a Gears object of the given class.</description>
       <parameter name="className" required="true" datatype="String">
          <description>The class to create.</description>
       <option value="beta.database" />
       <option value="beta.localserver" />
       <parameter name="options " required="false" datatype="Object">
          <description>An associative array of property values to
    <returns paramName="className" paramValue="beta.database"
       <description>An instance of the Database class.</description>
    <returns paramName="className" paramValue="beta.localserver"
       <description>An instance of the LocalServer class.</description>

Therefore, we need to change the schema some, minimally to allow multiple
elements that provide return information. Here are 3 options:

(1) Just allow multiple <returns> elements. However, this approach has the
big disadvantage of being inconsistent with the rest of the spec where we
have a unified approach to singular and plural elements.

(2) Define plural and singular elements for return values. Here are some
(a) <returns> and <return paramName= paramValue= datatype=>...</return>
(b) <returnTypes> and <returnType paramName= paramValue=
(c) <return-types> and <return-type paramName= paramValue= datatype=> ...

I like 2a the best and 2b second-best. What does everyone else think?


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