[OpenAjaxIDE] <useragent> tag

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Wed Sep 10 09:11:56 PDT 2008

Aptana is the trailblazer here, so you guys knows from experience, but here
is an argument using logic in the absence of experience.

The <useragent> element has two paris of attributes, the OS attributes (os,
osVersion) and the browser attributes (platform, version). Here are the
cases: a particular API might be available on (a) one particular OS with
any browser, or (b) any OS with one particular browser, or (c) one
particular OS and one particular browser. I think the optional vs required
question for 'platform' boils down to whether we think (a) would ever
happen. My preference would be to leave 'platform' as optional, but add
text to the spec that says that in most cases you will probably want to
provide a 'platform' attribute and says that if 'platform' is not present,
the 'version' attribute will be ignored.


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             09/09/2008 03:55          [OpenAjaxIDE] <useragent> tag       

hey guys

The developer who's working on our metadata implementation noticed that the
platform attribute on the <useragent> tag is listed as being optional.
There's no description of this attribute in the spec, but it came from
Ingo's original proposal (the tag maps to <browser> in Aptana's ScriptDoc
XML format, but I remember we changed it to the more expansive
<useragent>), and it represents the major reason for having the tag in the
first place: We use it to indicate browser support for various JS methods
and properties.

For example,

  <browser platform = "Firefox" version = "3.0+"./>
  <browser platform = "Safari" version = "3.1+"./>
  <browser platform = "Opera" version = "9.51+"./>

If the OAA metadata allows for

  <user-agent version = "4.0"/>

What is that telling the IDE? That the method or property is supported by
any user agent of version 4.0 and later? Are we making platform optional to
allow for just this case, or should it be required?


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