[OpenAjaxIDE] getSupportedViews() and requestNavigateTo()

Rich Thompson richt2 at us.ibm.com
Tue Sep 9 11:56:08 PDT 2008

I agree with both changes, but not the reasoning for #1. Things will be 
simpler if we drop this API, but the metadata author and js author (this 
is a js API) are not necessarily the same person. By dropping it we lose 
support for a few cases where things are dynamically discovered and 
displayed, but I do not think we need to cover those in v1.


Jon Ferraiolo/Menlo Park/IBM at IBMUS
ide at openajax.org, gadgets at openajax.org
09/09/2008 02:35 PM
[OpenAjaxIDE] getSupportedViews() and requestNavigateTo()

I was talking with Javier yesterday and he said he would prefer the 
following changes to our widget APIs:

(1) Get rid of getSupportedViews(). The metadata author already knows the 
possible values for the 'view' attribute on the <content> element since he 
authored the metadata. In the spirit of simplification, let's get rid of 
this API
(2) For requestNavigateTo(), change the datatype from 
OpenAjax.widgets.View to a String which holds the name of the view (e.g., 
'default', 'edit', 'help', ...)

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