[OpenAjaxIDE] 2008 InteropFest Announcement

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Fri Aug 22 17:29:00 PDT 2008

OpenAjax Alliance is pleased to announce the start of this year's
interoperability event, the 2008 InteropFest for IDEs and Mashups. The 2008
InteropFest focuses on two main areas: Ajax IDEs and secure mashups. The
alliance calls on members and non-members to participate in this
interoperabilibity event, which is centered on OpenAjax Metadata for
JavaScript APIs and Widgets and on OpenAjax Hub 1.1. OpenAjax Hub 1.1
provides a secure mashup runtime framework.

The alliance calls on: (a) Ajax libraries to provide OpenAjax Metadata that
describes their JavaScript APIs and their widgets; (b) IDEs to implement
support for OpenAjax Metadata within their products to provide enhanced
code assist and visual interfaces for using widgets; (c) Web Widgets to
provide OpenAjax Metadata so that the widgets will work in standards-based
mashup scenarios; and (d) Mashup editors to support OpenAjax Metadata
and/or OpenAjax Hub 1.1 to support widget standards and to provide a secure
mashup runtime.

As part of the 2008 InteropFest, the members have developed an open source
Sample Mashup Application that is a partial open source reference
implementation for OpenAjax Metadata and OpenAjax Hub 1.1. The 2008
InteropFest will come to a close just before October 20, 2008.

We are able to have the InteropFest 2008 thanks to the hard work of many
OpenAjax Alliance members who have contributed to the OpenAjax Metadata
specification, the OpenAjax Hub 1.1 specification, and to the various open
source projects in support of those two specifications.

Here are some key URLs:

* Main wiki page for the 2008 InteropFest:
* Sample Mashup Application:
* OpenAjax Metadata spec:
* OpenAjax Hub 1.1 spec:
* OpenAjax open source project:

The Sample Mashup Application is a running Web-based mashup editor that
implements (in open source) many of the features for the two specs which
are the center of this interoperability event.

We will have a press release on October 20, 2008 that lists the companies
that have participated in the 2008 InteropFest, along with quotes from the
companies. Also, we have a subsequent event at Mashup Camp on November 17
in Mountain View, California where at most 12 companies can demonstrate
their OpenAjax interoperability around mashups and widgets. If you want to
be involved in the press release or the Mashup Camp event, be sure to tell

Thanks much!
Jon Ferraiolo
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