[OpenAjaxIDE] Does <require type="library"> always require a 'src'attribute?

Kin Blas jblas at adobe.com
Fri Aug 22 12:01:51 PDT 2008

I thought we decided in one of our meetings that the src paths of any
<require> files with an attribute of library="dojo" were relative to the
src path in the library <require> tag?


If that's the case, I would assume that there must be a src attribute
specified ... or should the default of an unspecified library src path
be ".", which is the same directory as the Widget Meta Data file?


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What spurred me to ask this question is that some of the sample widgets
in the reference implementation look like this:

<require type="library" name='dojo' version='1.1' copy="false"/>
<require library='dojo' version='1.1' type="javascript"
<require library='dojo' version='1.1' type="css"
<require library='dojo' version='1.1' type="css"
<require library='dojo' version='1.1' type="css"

Does the first <require> element (i.e., <require type="library"> need a
'src' attribute? I think it doesn't, but I wanted to check.


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