[OpenAjaxIDE] Gadgets TF requests restoration of onchangePattern

Bertrand Le Roy Bertrand.Le.Roy at microsoft.com
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Right, that was my initial argument for keeping the full pattern, but the pattern that is being proposed now is way too weak to satisfactorily handle that scenario, as has been demonstrated before.

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Another strong argument is handling existent widgets ... unlikely to have all followed some pattern we would define.

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Re: [OpenAjaxIDE] Gadgets TF requests restoration of onchangePattern


> So what’s the argument for having the pattern at all? (other than
> it’s already implemented)

I'm not sure what all of the arguments are, but here are ones that I remember from today's phone call.

Here is a weak argument: because the widget author prefers to name his callbacks in a different way

A stronger argument is that some developers will want to offer a single callback function to cover all properties, such as propertyChangeCallback(), especially if his widget has many similar properties. Then he could say:

<properties onchangePattern-"propertyChangeCallback">
<property name="prop1" .../>
<property name="prop2" .../>


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