[OpenAjaxIDE] HTML/JavaScript encoding for variable substitution

Kin Blas jblas at adobe.com
Wed Aug 13 13:57:33 PDT 2008

Yeah the transformations were exactly what I was thinking. Just curious,
why are we prefixing as opposed to postfixing the transformation names?
I guess to my eyes, it would be easier to read the template code/markup
and see what properties were actually being used if they came after the
property names.


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Right now we have both property substitution using @@foo@@ syntax and
localization substitution using %%bar%%. Kin has asked if we can extend
the syntax to take into account the fact that a given substitution
string might appear within HTML content (which has its own syntax
quirks) and other times within JavaScript (with its own syntax quirks).
I promised to send an email with a proposal.

Here is what I propose - add two optional parenthetical prefixes,
(htmlchars) and (jschars) to variable references, where:

(htmlchars) transforms the substitution string to the following
replacements (aligns with PHP's htmlspecialchars()):

& with &
< with &lt;
> with &gt;
" with &quot;
' with &#039; 

(jschars) transforms the substitution string to the following
replacements (aligns with PHP's addslashes()):

\ with \\
' with \'
" with \"

To illustrate (htmlchars), suppose your have:


and the user entered the following for the remark property: << I'm in
love! >>

then the resulting content would be: &lt;&lt; I&#039;m in love! &gt;&gt;

To illustrate (jschars), suppose you have:


then the resulting JavaScript would be:
document.getElementById('textfield').value='<< I\'m in love! >>';

I propose a variable reference can have either (htmlchars) or (jschars)
or neither, but not both.



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