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Lots of small files still is today a major perf problem.

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I'll push back a bit on this, also, but from a different angle. Are we sure that downloading multiple message bundle files will have a non-negligible impact on performance? Suppose you have a widget that uses an Ajax toolkit such as Dojo or Ext for some of its widgets. Dojo has a custom build system that advanced developers can use, but Ext (last I heard) hasn't released anything official in this area. Therefore, there are going to be a lot of widgets that use Dojo and Ext in their default configuration, which means countless small network requests for the various JavaScript, CSS and image files within those toolkits that are pulled down on an on-demand basis. I'm wondering if a few small XML files are really going to matter all that much? And what's the status of HTTP 1.1 pipelining support these days (with its higher performance ability to download many small files from the same site)?

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Re: [OpenAjaxIDE] Localization

Wouldn’t you need only one culture loaded at a time?

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I have had developers comment to me about the OAA localization strategy. Basically there is a concern about the performance impacts of loading multiple files. Consider the case of a multilingual person:

- browser has several preferred languages defined as an ordered set
- user hits a page with many widgets on it.
- browser loads the underlying canvas/runtime
- canvas/runtime loads each widget (metadata + files referenced by requires tags)
- canvas/runtime attempts to load the localization files in the order specified ... likely getting 404s on a number of them

The comments related to trying to reduce the number of network requests per widget:
- base: metadata and referenced js, images, stylesheets, etc .... these are related to how the widget is written. Can't impact, but are highly cacheable.
- localization: Potentially several requests per widget ... note that 404 return codes are not cacheable.

-> Allow a optional messagebundle element to be embedded as top-level child in any of our metadata files.

This would allow systems where things are processed on the client-side to embed the most relevant localizations without requiring such an implementation or violating the underlying schema for the metadata files.

For those not choosing to do such an embedding, it would make things more efficient if the metadata indicated what localization files are available as this would help avoid requests for unavailable files.

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