[OpenAjaxIDE] more on <require>

Lori Hylan-Cho lorihc at adobe.com
Wed Jul 30 12:22:42 PDT 2008

hi all

Kin and I have been writing up some usage scenarios around <required>
files, and we've come up with a couple questions that need clarifying.

1. I noticed that most dojo widget examples @import their stylesheets.
We have provisions for <link> and raw style declarations, but nothing
for @import.
   - I'd originally thought, "oh well, I'll just put them as the content
of a <require type="css"> tag, which will add them in a style block,"
but the paths then become problematic.
   - Is there any reason those @imports can't be <link>s?

2. Both Kin and I think it's a little weird to specify a minVersion for
a library when the src is obviously a specific version. What are we
trying to convey with this attribute, that the IDE doesn't need to copy
the contents of the library folder if the user already has the
minVersion of the same library in his site? 
    - Do we not also need a version attribute for all require types
indicating what version the supplied file *is*?

3. Should we specify that any libraries must be listed before any
individual files that might be part of that library?

4. Is it possible to reference a library in an individual file <require>
if that library hasn't also been specified? That is:

<require type="javascript" library="yui" src="foo/bar/yui-events.js" />

I was thinking yes, because it'd be a way for the developer to say, "you
don't really need *all* the files in the library, just the ones I'm
specifying here -- but they should still be saved in the folder for that
library, because other widgets might depend on them as well. However,
Kin brought up a good point: Since we decided that src is relative to
the library folder (and I think that was the right decision), what
happens when there's no library folder? I'm thinking that a folder with
the library name (and perhaps the version, if supplied) should be
created wherever the IDE stores libraries, and the files should go in
there. Should we even define this behavior for IDEs, or let them figure
out what they want to do in the absence of a specified library folder?


Lori Hylan-Cho
Computer Scientist, Dreamweaver
Adobe Systems, Inc. 

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