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Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Wed Jul 30 08:49:44 PDT 2008

Thanks Lori for taking minutes.

URL: http://www.openajax.org/member/wiki/IDE_Minutes_2008_07_29

      Kevin Hakman, Aptana
      Lori Hylan-Cho, Adobe
      Kin Blas, Adobe
      Jon Ferriaolo, IBM
      Wayne Vicknair, IBM
      Rich Thompson, IBM
      Phil Berkland, IBM
      Bertrand Le Roy, Microsoft

Wayne's group has been doing some implementation; they've got a lot of code

News: Lori's going to Aptana; Kin will represent Adobe starting on the


Enums and Options

What to do about ugly nesting?

Jon's proposal is to make <options> and <enums> optional, just like all
other plural elements. If the plural tags are missing, default values for
any attributes that would normally be specified for <options> would apply.

Approved by vote of silence.

Valid parents, then, of <option> would be <options>, <enum>, <property>,
(also <parameter>?).


Jon did an inventory of all the elements and attributes to see where locid
applied and found that by coincidence, the elements or attributes that take
plain text or HTML also had the locid attribute. One exception is the label
attribute on the <option> tag; Jon's proposal is to allow a <label>
subelement as well as a label attribute. The former would take a locid
attribute indicating that the contents should be localized.

Kin suggested that the fewer the variations, the better; he's in favor of a
<label> subelement only and no label attribute. Approved by vote of


Next issue is <category>. Debate about whether we need localizable category
names; we decided that machine-readable is the way to go because the tool
may already have a localized value for an existing category, and how would
conflicts be resolved if several widgets all said they belonged to the same
machine-readable category but provided different translations of that

Rich is going to look into the directoryTitle attribute and see what we
need to do with that.

Rich: The title is what's placed on the mashup canvas, and directoryTitle
is what's placed in the content directory.

Jon: I would conclude from that that directoryTitle should be an element.

Src and Target attributes of <required>

Kin: Rather than have a variable, have the path be relative to wherever the
library is.

Bertrand: If it's relative, the IDE should be able to infer the path to the

Jon: The the rule could be that if there's a library attribute (e.g.,
library="dojo"), then target is relative to wherever the dojo library got
instead. But then we need a library attribute.

[Discussion over whether we already had a library attribute (no) and
whether library would make copy unnecessary (yes).]

Shortening filenames

Jon is not loving the lengthy filenames that result from appending
_OpenAjaxWidget.xml, _OpenAjaxAPI.xml, etc.

Discussion about whether to use .oam or _oam.xml as the filenaming
convention. Concerns over .oam not being recognized by operating systems or
web servers. Consensus was to go with .oam.xml.

How then to differentiate between widget metadata and library metadata,
since library metadata may need to be loaded first. Jon
proposes .library.oam.xml for the library file. Approval by silence.

Validator widget

Jon's coded a form that allows upload of an XML file, which is then
validated with Jing (sp?). For a widget developer, passing validation would
be all that's necessary to say they've passed the InterOperability tests.

Jon plans to add the ability to point to a metadata file via URL rather
than uploading.

[Lori tried uploading a metadata file for validation and got an error; will
have to figure out what's wrong there. :-)]

Jon working on more InterOp tools, as are the guys from IBM Austin.

Goal is to have InterOp complete by AjaxWorld in October; press releases
and possibly an event with participating companies will happen around that


Do we agree that the description of <seealso> in the spec is accurate?

Do we want to allow multiple <seealso> elements?

Kin: Yes.

Bertrand: That was the idea in proposing it as separate from <see>.

Jon: If we're going to have a plural, should we go with Aptana's names
<references> and <reference>?

Kin, Lori, and Bertrand: YES. (All of us hated <seealsos>.)
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