[OpenAjaxIDE] Early validator widget posted for 2008 InteropFest

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Mon Jul 28 17:53:11 PDT 2008

I have uploaded a widget that validates OpenAjax Metadata files. It is
supposed to work with either single XML files or ZIP files that contain
multiple XML files. Both work on my local machine, but the ZIP logic seems
to be working sometimes and not working other times. (Probably bugs in my
PHP logic.)

In any case, I will be soliciting feedback at tomorrow's phone call. To try
out the validator widget as it stands today:

(1) Place some OpenAjax metadata files onto your system. Here is one that
Here is one that fails validation:
(2) Open the mini mashup tool
(http://www.openajax.org/2008_InteropFest/refimpl) in a browser
(3) Push on the icon that has the red-colored asterisk and then select the
only menu option (Mashup Widgets)
(4) A popup palette of widgets will appear on the left. You'll have to
scroll down to the bottom of the list to find a widget with the name
"_InteropFestValidator_OpenAjaxWidget.xml". Click on that entry.
(5) A new widget will appear on the canvas. Drag the lower-right corner of
the widget to make it larger so all of the text appears.
(6) Use the file select control to choose an OpenAjax Metadata file and
click "Upload and Validate".
(7) Any validation errors will appear at the bottom of the widget.

The big items left to do for the InteropFest ready to get it ready for more
thorough review and launch:

* A small number of sample Ajax libraries that IDEs and mashup tools can
use for testing
* An "InteropFest Monitor" widget that reports on all widget loading and
message traffic via Hub 1.1
* An "InteropFest DataGen" widget that is a repackaging of the datagen
widget from last year's InteropFest. Generates continuous simulated stock
* An "InteropFest DataVis" widget that is a repackaging of the datavis
widget from last year's InteropFest. Generates continuously updates its
display of stock values
(These last two widgets allow a vendor-neutral mashup demo that shows
something that is visually interesting.)

There are also a bunch of smaller cleanup items to do before launch.

After launch, then we'll start getting many more leading industry products
to work with OpenAjax Metadata and OpenAjax Hub 1.1.


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