[OpenAjaxIDE] Proposed changes after researching locid

Jon Ferraiolo jferrai at us.ibm.com
Thu Jul 24 13:51:42 PDT 2008

One of my actions from this week's phone call was to research to see what
elements should have the 'locid' attribute (i.e., their content might be
localized) and to see if we have any attributes that might require

It turns out that it looks like, largely by coincidence, it turns out that
any element that takes "plain_text_or_html" can have a 'locid' attribute
and be subject to localization. As a result (if you go along with my
proposals that follow) the following elements would get the 'locid'

* <aboutMe> (Descriptive chapter)
* <available> (Compatibility chapter)
* <content> (Widget chapter)
* <deprecated> (Compatibility chapter)
* <description> (Descriptive chapter))
* <example> (Descriptive chapter)
* <license> (Descriptive chapter)
* <quote> (Descriptive chapter)
* <remarks> (Descriptive chapter)
* <seealso> (Descriptive chapter)
* <title> (Descriptive chapter)
* <useragent>  (Compatibility chapter)

Here are a few changes that I propose in support of the above approach:

(1) The <options> element has 'label' and 'value' attributes. The label is
clearly something that might be localized. HTML allows the label to be
either an attribute or the element content (and the attribute takes
precedence). Therefore, I propose that we change the schema definition of
option to allow a <label> child element:
<!-- Continue to support the 'label' attribute. -->
<option value="1" label="This label does not get localized">.
  <description>Optional supplemental description about this
<!-- But also support a 'label' child element. -->
<option value="2">
  <label locid="str1">This label gets localized</label>  <!-- This is what
is new -->
  <description>Optional supplemental description about this

(2) Right now the <category> element can take "plain_text_or_html". I think
that's an error. The category name is on the 'name' attribute. This element
should instead have no content (i.e., "empty"). Also, the schema now shows
a 'locid' attribute on category. That's a mistake. Categories are
machine-readable strings, not things that appear to a user. (Localized
category names would be the responsibility of the tool.)

(3) Change 'directoryTitle' from an attribute to an element, give it a
'locid' attribute, and allow "plain_text_or_html" as its content.
'directoryTitle' comes from the older version of Google Gadgets where it is
an attribute and not localizable, but I think this was an oversight because
developers might want to localize this value. (I don't see any problem if
we offer more flexilibity than Gadgets.)

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