[OpenAjaxIDE] renewing the discussion of type="library"

Lori Hylan-Cho lorihc at adobe.com
Fri Jul 18 10:35:41 PDT 2008

hi gang

I wrote last week, and we discussed briefly at this week's meeting, my
confusion over how <require type="library"> should work. (
http://openajax.org/pipermail/ide/2008q3/000539.html ) I have a couple more
questions to pose.

1. We talked a bit about this in last week¹s meeting, but what is the
expectation for src when type=²library² -- that it would be a single file
(meaning that all the files in the library would need to be referenced
individually), or that it would be a folder?
  a. If it¹s a folder, then how is that different from type=²folder²?
  b. Is the idea that "folder" is still relative to an individual widget,
whereas "library" is a folder or group of files that are shared among
several widgets, and that would be better placed at a central location in
the end user's site?

2. How will the IDE know the type of the file(s) being referenced with
  a. Is the assumption that "library" implies JS?
  b. What of css files that might be included in a library distribution?
  c. Is there an expectation that IDEs will attempt to determine the file
type from the file extension?

3. Is it possible for a widget developer to specify an absolute URL for
type="library" or type="folder"?
  a. Would the IDE then be responsible for either crawling that folder or
downloading it?
  b. See #2.

Thoughts appreciated; we're trying to finalize some code for a beta test
with a couple widget developers, and the uncertainty around how
type="library" should be interpreted is blocking us.


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