[OpenAjaxIDE] OpenAjax API Metadata spec problems

Phil Berkland berkland at us.ibm.com
Tue Jul 15 10:05:34 PDT 2008

Here are some problems I have seen while I have started implementation of
API metadata.
Most of these are probably minor problems in the schema.

1) there is no "descriptive_elements" defined.  Assuming the
descriptive_elements are all the elements in the Descriptive chapter, it
would mean you could have an "Author" tag for each method, field, class,
etc.  Do we
want that everywhere?

2) the "ancestor" element is not referenced by anything.

3) Should the "alias" tag be a child of the "api" tag?  it makes sense for
classes, but not sure about being at the top level.

4) shouldn't "event" be contained by "class"?

5)  should the "constructor" tag have the "scope" attribute.   This would
mean you can have a static constructor.

6) the "exception" element used to have a (data)type, it is no longer
there, should it be?

7) fields_element is not referenced

Phil Berkland
IBM Software Group Emerging Technologies

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